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Over 30 years in the making.
Master Jewellers.

 4 Times winners of ‘Apprentice Jeweller of the Year Awards’.

2 Times  Winner of ‘Master Jewellers People’s Choice Awards’

Winner of Design and Craftsmanship of the Year.

Best Large Jewellery Retailer of the the Year 2015.


A Showroom Unlike Any Other.

Privately owned, leading with inspiring designs and quality craftsmanship.

Unique, Bold and Beautiful

Fresh and Modern Designs custom made by Designer Jewellers who Lead, Inspire and Create works of Art .


Quality Designs ~ Beautiful Workmanship.

Enjoy the fresh approach and see something very exciting!


Reserved for Lovers of Fine Design.

The Name, the Brand and the Standards became the ethos…

… the Service, Styles and Workmanship Built the Reputation.

Quality, Fresh Designs, Guaranteed workmanship and Unique Concepts.

Made by the Jewellers who you actually talk with…

Diamond Wedding and diamond anniversary rings by PureEnvy.com.au

  Innovation – Inspiration and Designs Unrivalled.

…with a fresh approach to Designer Jewellery.Best-Jewellery-Retailer-logo-–-LargeWhat You’ll Get

Honest Prices,
Great Quality
Custom made Designs
Certified Diamonds
Qualified Leading Manufacturing Jewellers
Full Onsite workshop.

Family Owned and made in Australia .

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Designer Jeweller Scott Anthony here…


If you are searching for the most Exciting Design for your Engagement ring, Wedding ring, Eternity ring, or a Unique Custom made design, or a classic Diamond design, Coloured Stone ring, Diamond Stud Ear rings or lavish Gemstone pendant .. Pure Envy Designer Jewellers specialise in bringing great ideas to life.

Talk to us today and let us make  Everything Easy for you.

It’s why so many of our customers come from happy recommendations.