Why we charge for an Appointment

Before you book a time with us, read this...

When you’re searching for the piece to show that special someone how you feel, often you can feel overwhelmed and a bit confused. Getting it right is so important.

The momentos we create have a lot of significance behind them.

They’re not just engagement, wedding or eternity rings. It’s not just any other birthday gift.

They’re the symbol that you present to show your love and commitment.

For most people we speak to the end goal is the reaction and look upon their face when they see their ring for the first time.

But, its also the many times that follow where they can show their piece off proudly to family and friends and leave them thinking “wow”.

Our role in bringing this dream to life for you is something we take very seriously.

We did the retail high-street showroom for 16 years. And while this will always be a very special chapter in our story – it doesn’t really fit what we’re about.

We’re not salespeople.

We don’t pressure you to buy, we don’t have sales, we’re not interested in price comparisons.

You deserve honesty.

You deserve patience and care while learning about what you’re purchasing and for it to be explained in real terms you can understand.

You deserve someone who will listen and work hard to understand what’s important to you.

You deserve the person helping you get it absolutely perfect, to be focused on YOU. Not on the person waiting behind you, not on the phone that’s ringing in the background.

This is about YOU.

Yes, we are doing things differently. Because you deserve better than what you’ve been getting.

What’s considered ‘normal’ isn’t good enough.

This is YOUR moment. This is YOUR time.

THIS is what the STUDIO is all about.

Our space has been created from the ground up with all of this in mind. With YOU in mind.

The time we set aside for your appointment is reserved for nothing but placing our undivided attention on you and working together to make this special piece all that you deserve.

Our $59 appointment fee is simply a joint commitment to time reserved just for you.

We could charge a whole lot more, because the information you receive will be absolutely priceless.

We’re here to be your human sounding board. We walk through everything together – at your pace – and leave any stress or worry at the door.

So, no matter where you choose to have your ring made – we’ve saved you the time, the stress and the confusion.

Finally there is someone who will just tell you the truth.

If you decide that we’re the right fit for you – we will welcome you to the family with open arms and make sure you have the most spectacular ring your partner will love.