The top three things
that scare most guys...


The top three things
that scare most guys...

Once you’ve decided the time is right, you begin to embark on purchasing an Engagement Ring. For most, this is fairly new territory. Jewellery shopping itself can be scary enough, and the significance of this ring can heighten this fear even more.

So, to help - we’re discussing the top three fears most guys have when buying an Engagement Ring (and how to get through each of them with ease).

1. Getting it wrong

This is, without a doubt, a fear in the back of everyone’s minds so don’t stress - you’re certainly not alone! Even if she told you exactly what to get and where to get it from, this would likely still be a worry because you care and want to make sure it’s perfect.

The most important thing is to remind yourself that this fear is perfectly normal, you should be confident in yourself and your decisions.

From our experience, the ladies who know exactly what they’re after have either told you directly over the years (often even sent a picture) or have made it very clear to someone else close to them and told them to make sure you know too! So, if you’ve not got a clue and she’s never mentioned it, it’s pretty likely it’s because she’s not sure either.

In this situation, the best bet is to follow her general style and keep it simple. If she wears a lot of jewellery and likes sparkle consider options like extra diamonds around the main stone (halo), or if she is very simple and doesn’t wear rings or just likes plain ones, a classic Solitaire is always a great option. Oh, and if she’s told you what she likes - get it! Straying away from this is silly business.

2. Getting ripped off

This one can be a little more tricky to navigate. As with any industry, it’s pretty rare that anyone is actually going to tell you that what they do isn’t good. The basic explanation of a quality product is that Custom Made is generally better quality, but even within this realm there are many many different levels of quality in both product and service.

This is a special occasion and you want someone who is as passionate about this as you.

At the end of the day, you do get what you pay for, keep this at the forefront of your mind and don’t get sucked into discounts or ‘great deals’.

3. The ring not fitting

Believe it or not, 90% of our customers don’t know what finger size their partner is when they order an Engagement Ring and guess what? This is totally okay! We generally guess the size from a photograph or if possible use another ring to get a gauge of what we think it would be. Generally we’re pretty spot on and because the workshop is on-site, resizing is super easy.

If you’ve purchased the ring from a reputable place (see point 2) it should be made with the ability to be resized, and having this done shouldn’t take more than a maximum of a few days.

You certainly don’t want to end up having bought from somewhere that can't be resized, simply swaps your ring over with another or sends it away for weeks to be resized elsewhere. This is where you'll thank yourself that you took special attention on making sure you found the right place, as resizing the ring should only add to your customer service levels and overall experience, not put a downer on the Engagement and cause unnecessary stress!

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