Cloudy diamonds on the loose.

Not all Diamond Sparkle like they should

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Cloudy diamonds on the Loose.

Believe it or not there are many dirty and ugly diamonds in Adelaide. Don’t let someone sell you one unknowingly.

Recently we have noticed more and more diamonds coming to us from people who are saying their diamonds are loosing their sparkle.

It is nothing new, but there are more low grade diamonds up for sale and some jewellers are playing tricks again on the unsuspecting public.


When most people go looking to buy an engagement ring or diamond ring of any sort, they usually presume all diamonds and jewellers are going to be the same. Sadly this is simply not the case.

Just like any other industry, the jewellery industry is also full of tricks and scams capturing all those who miss the signs right in front of them.

An example is heavily – cloudy and dirty diamonds made to look amazing under special and expensive jewellery showroom lighting. The lighting systems make the diamonds colour and sparkle look better than they really are by adding an extra level of shine and mirror trickery to the diamonds.

When looking at these diamonds over a period of time, usually after you have paid your money and left the store, you begin to notice other people’s diamond rings also. It is a little like buying a new car.

When you find your pride and joy, you begin to notice all the other cars on the road just like yours. Until you bought yours, you had never noticed just how many similar ones there were.

Buying diamond rings is the same.

After wearing your new ring for a few days or weeks, we begin looking at what other people are also wearing. When comparing diamonds, it is here that the quality differences begin to show.

Often people don’t notice all the lights and special effects given to a diamond when it is on display as the focus is usually on the excitement of actually looking for the new exciting diamond ring and the emotion of the adventure.

Many people compare prices and presume all diamonds and all jewellers are the same. Most mis understand all the little differences that go into making each and every diamond unique. Considering each diamond is millions of years old and individualy cut and polished, it is only natural that no two diamonds will ever be the same.

Keep in mind even grading certificates are only a GUIDE and are not an exact science,

…if it was, then why can 5 diamonds all graded the same, be so different in price and in appearance… So your diamond will not have actually not changed from the day you first laid eyes on it, it simply has become more noticeable that the quaality of the diamond is actually not as good as the original excitement under all the lights and persuasion.

This is also often exacerbated by an eager sales person trying every trick under the sun  and often offering common price discounts and ‘today only’ prices to help close the sale before you leave empty handed.

This is where many people fall for the false sales comparisons, misleading price reductions and innacurate diamond gradings. We sadly see this isue all the time, and for something so important as an engagement ring or diamond ring of any style, kind or size, it is the same as any other purchase… you get what you pay for.

So if searching for a diamond ring, make absolutley certain you take the time to sit and listen to what the sales person or jeweller actually knows about making rings themselves, (or do they just buy them in like most jewellers) and what experince do they personally have in buying diamonds.

Use a few test questions to see if they are really all about closing the sale, trying to sell you anything they can, or actually trying to help you with what you want and explaining ALL the options to you.

After all, once the sale is made you want this diamond ring to last, look gorgeous and be the best investment you could possibly make for something so important. The last thing you want is a diamond with low sparkle, poor light reflection, heavy inclusions (dirt inside the diamond,  and fractures cracks and weak spots)  in the diamond, or a man-made or heat treated diamond. With such an important amount of money and considering it will be worn more than anything else you own, every day for years and years, naturally you would want to get it right the first time.

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