Engagement Rings

Made On-site. Every Time

See beautiful designs, select the styles and price range that is right for you and we'll make your ring onsite in our own workshop.

It is the ultimate way to guarantee your ring is everything you love.

Each ring is made in as little as 7 to 21 days.

Need it faster? No problems - just let us know and we can get it ready for you, because we make each and every ring ourselves in the Studio. We Custom Make Only The Finest and Best Value Designs You Will Love.


Below you’ll find a taste of our Custom Made Engagement Ring designs.

Take inspiration from some classic styles below or view some of our Recent Engagement Rings here.

Each of our Custom Engagement Rings is created by us especially for you on-site to suit your price range from $4000 upward.

We work with Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds and coloured gemstones.

Whether you’ve got a photo of the ring your partner loves or you need some help working out their perfect style – we’re here to help make it Easy.

Your Ring, Your Style, Your Price Range, Your Way.

The Classics

Just a taste of what we offer...

The Solitaire

engagement rings pure envy
pear solitaire pure envy
round brilliant cut solitaire pure envy

Diamond shoulders

radiant cut diamond engagement ring with diamond shoulders pure envy
pear with diamond shoulders pure envy
emerald cut with diamond shoulders pure envy

The Halo

Halo and Diamond shoulders

oval halo and diamond shoulders
round halo and diamond shoulders pure envy
pear halo and shared claw shoulders

The Trilogy

oval and round trilogy engagement ring by pure envy
round diamond trilogy engagement ring pure envy
round trilogy with tapered baguettes pure envy
oval trilogy engagement ring by pure envy
oval and baguette engagement ring pure envy
oval and tulip engagement ring pure envy

Above are some of our classics, but want to see more styles and rings we made recently?


For the best handmade engagement rings in Adelaide, locally made by our in-house and on-site resident manufacturing jewellers and ring makers, make an appointment online or give us a call and let us help to make it Easy.

This is Your Moment…

Your Experience…

Your Ring…

Welcome to the Pure Envy family.

We can’t wait to help you get started.

Step 1. Book your private appointment.

Step 2. If your partner has given you any hints or sent you any subtle or not so subtle pictures, bring these with you! If you’re not sure what they’d love – don’t stress. We’ll help you work out the perfect choice!

Step 3. Have an approximate price range in mind so we show you only things that you want to see and not those you don’t.

Step 4. Arrive at your appointment on time and get ready to see beautiful designs and let us help you find the one that its perfect for you both.

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Engagement Rings

When it comes time to look at Engagement Rings, it can be a mix of nerves and excitement as you search for the perfect ring to propose to that special someone. It’s more than ‘just a ring’, but a symbol of a much bigger moment. Everything starts with the perfect ring. It is the beginning of your next chapter together and commitment to one another. The start of the rest of your lives and everything the future together holds. An Engagement Ring is where it all begins…

When we talk about Engagement Rings, there’s a certain image that may pop into your mind. Maybe you can imagine every detail of that moment…from the location, the way the breeze that day makes their hair blow in the wind, right down to the ring that sparkles in the box you hold in your hand. Or, if you’re like a lot of people we speak to you may have a vague idea (or maybe a few) of how you might propose, but all you’re focused on in the current moment is working out the perfect ring that she deserves and will love for a lifetime. Then, you’ll find the perfect way to ask that all important question. No matter which is you, creating a ring that’s truly her is a great place to start in bringing the dream to life.

For us, a ring that’s been hers since the very beginning is where it all starts. When we say we Custom Make our rings it doesn’t mean that it needs to be overly complicated or untraditional, just that from the moment her ring started to be made in our on-site workshop, it was designed and destined to be worn by only her. There’s a certain sentimentality that this adds that buying an Engagement Ring off the shelf of a retail chain just can not compete with.

From here, it’s about working together…looking at different Engagement Rings and working out what may best suit her. We’ll ask questions about what she likes to do, the kind of jewellery she wears and try and get a sense of her style to create something beautiful. While the ring itself has to be amazing, when we talk to our newly engaged couples what they often gush about most is this time and care their partner has taken to sit down with us and create something they’ll love. In a sentimental symbol, it’s these extra details and care taken throughout is what makes that end result even more special and shows them that this moment and getting it just right was so important to you.