FAQ about Appointments at the STUDIO

Hey there!

We're glad you're here and are looking at taking the first step to a very exciting journey with us.

Because we do things differently we know you might have a few questions about how Appointments at the STUDIO work before you schedule a time with us...

The most common questions are listed for you below - but if there's something else on your mind you're welcome to contact us to discuss directly!

Do you have rings I can look at?

YES – We sure do!

We know how much easier it is when you can touch, feel and see what different designs look like.

It also helps to be able to visually see what different price points look like in real life so that we can create your perfect ring that suits your price range too!

How long do appointments go for?

When booking it will allocate you a 30 minute time slot.

While this is generally ample time it’s all about what works for each individual client.

There is no alarm that rings and sees you being shown the door! We take our time to work with you to create the perfect ring without rushing or making you feel uncomfortable.

Is there an appointment fee?

There is a $59 appointment fee which is taken when you book in online with us.

We KNOW it’s different that your standard ‘buy an engagement ring’ process and this is absolutely not a mistake. Our entire STUDIO runs by appointment only and that’s just the start of how we do things differently.

We reserve your time slot exclusively for YOU – no interruptions, distracted staff or people waiting in line behind you making you feel rushed. This is all completely intentional and stems from how important your EXPERIENCE is to us.

If you’ve got further questions on this you can read more about why we charge here…

If I need another appointment to discuss further is there another fee?

Absolutely not! Our appointment fee is a once-off!

If we need to schedule a subsequent appointment to discuss your special piece there is no fee. It’s all about working together and doing whatever it takes to get it right.

Do I have to buy something if I make an appointment?

Nope! While we hope you’ll find we’re the right fit for you – there’s no obligation to go ahead with anything just because you’ve booked an appointment.

Our clients choose us because they love what we do and who we are, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

If you feel comfortable and confident what we do is what you’re after, we’ll welcome you to the family with open arms. And if you decide to take a different path following your appointment with us you’re free to be on your way!

Will you contact me before an appointment?

Keeping things on the down low is something we take VERY seriously as we’d absolute hate to spoil your special surprise.

While we do ask for a contact number and email address upon booking, we will only send you a confirmation EMAIL (please check your spam) after your booking.

The only reason we would ever call without clearing it with you first is if you did not show up to your scheduled appointment.