1. How long will it take to make?

The standard answer to this question is approximately 2-3 weeks. But, we aim to please and because of this we have had some rings in our clients hot little hands in as little as 24 hours – 7 days.

While we do suggest being a little organised to make the process as stress-free and easy for you as possible, don’t rule anything out until you’ve spoken with us. With the workshop on site we can hurry things along a bit if we need to!

2. I have no idea what her finger size is! What do I do?

This is usually the part we find guys stress about most, and the good news is – there’s absolutely no need! If you have an idea of her finger size or can steal a ring she wears then this is a bonus, but 9 times out of 10 we actually guess her finger size from a photo!

We absolutely know how crazy this sounds, but when you’ve been crafting Rings for as long as we have, you develop a bit of a knack for these things (and some weird voodoo skills!). We always make it a little bigger than we think so you can get the ring on her finger in your magic moment and we can easily resize and make any adjustments after she’s received her beautiful ring (and is over the moon!). Good news is we can usually have the ring back to her and perfectly sized within 24-48 hours so you can go on showing off your good work to family and friends asap!

3. How do I know I'm getting value for money?

You’re not alone if you’re a little worried about this one, it’s actually the number one thing people get stressed about – and it’s totally understandable! Buying jewellery is usually not something we do on a regular basis, and when the pieces we purchase are pretty sentimental and cost a fair bit of money it’s only natural to want to know you’re making the right purchasing decision.

Our honest advice is to trust your gut instincts first and foremost. Try not to get too caught up in focusing on how enticing a dollar amount is or how great a deal you can get (nobody wants to lose money so this is usually a warning sign) and instead start by first and foremost finding someone who you makes you feel comfortable and listens to what you’re after. There’s plenty of different variances between quality out there and looking for these things can be pretty overwhelming and hard to understand unless you’ve got years of experience. It’s also always a good idea to take the time to look at the finish of the product. We like to think of jewellery a little like art! Each brand has their own style and it’s about finding the one that suits you best.

4. Will my diamond be certified? Should it be certified? What does this even mean?!

Generally, YES!

Any diamonds we use over 0.50ct are ALWAYS certified and under the 0.50ct mark if it is a centre stone and important to you that it’s certified we will source one that is!

It’s good to note smaller diamonds (like those used in Wedding bands) are never certified. The certification process is usually over $150 per stone so it would get pretty pricey (and a little unnecessary and unheard of) if we were certifying all these little guys.

A diamond certification basically means an INDEPENDENT (this is important!) Diamond laboratory has looked at your diamond and determined which gradings they would give it. This means you have a certificate which tells you what someone, independent of us, thinks of your stone. It’s a great way to get total piece of mind that you’re buying what we say it is, and that it’s a quality product! Buying a ring without a certification from a reputable and independent diamond grading laboratory can be risky business.

5. I have a budget in mind, can you make a ring to suit it?

Yes, yes, yes!

Not only is this our favourite way to craft your ring, it’s also the most common way we work with our clients. We understand it’s important to get an idea of what different price points mean to work out how much you’d like to spend or what your price range will get you – but, after we’ve done this the best thing to do is to work to your price range.

This makes the entire process super fun and stress-free because you’re not being bombarded with 1000 different quote options, and more importantly, it means you’re getting more value for what you’re spending. It’s very rare that a ring you see is going to be entirely what you’re after and the perfect price point, and even if it is we want to make one that’s crafted especially for you. By working to what you’d like to spend it ensures you’re getting everything you can for your dollar and not fitting into a price box someone else set out for you!

6. Where do I start? I have no idea!

First off, you’re not alone! Setting out to buy a piece of jewellery isn’t something we do everyday so you can guarantee how you’re feeling right now is the same as so many that have gone before you! The good news is they all smashed it out of the park, so you can too!

Our start here guide will give you a nice little rundown of how the whole process with us works, but the first thing we always like to start with is design and what sort of price range you’d like to spend. Once we’ve knocked both of these things off the list, the entire thing is super easy! If you’re stuck with design refer to question 7 below!

7. I have no clue what design she would like and I really don't want to get it wrong. What do I do?

Perfectly normal and okay to be a little overwhelmed here. Nobody wants to get to their special moment and have their partner hate what they’ve chosen!

There’s a few basic questions you can ask yourself to help you through this. The first one is if you can figure out whether she’d like White, Rose or Yellow Gold and a good way to get an idea of this is to look at the kind of jewellery she already wears.

In terms of design you can take a fair bit of lead from their personality and what they wear. Someone who is quite understated and doesn’t wear much jewellery often likes more classic styles like the Solitaire. This is also a super great and safe option if you’re unsure, because it’s timeless, simple and classic, and we rarely come across any females that dislike this one!

If you’re still stuck, you can also opt for one of our proposal rings which will give you the best of both worlds and make sure that you’ve got it just right!

8. I don't understand a thing about Diamonds, where do I start and what do I need to know?

Definitely unknown territory for most, getting an understanding of Diamonds can be a bit to grasp. It’s good to have some idea of what it all means so you understand what you’re spending your hard earned cash monies on, but all of the jargon can become very hard to understand very quickly.

You can get a good overview of some diamond info here, but the most important thing to remember is that you want to get a balance of all the elements and not focus too much on one specific thing. This includes being so focused on the carat weight size you’re after that you end up compromising on everything else and ending up with a low quality stone just to fit it into your budget. Work to what you’re after but be realistic about it and ensure you’re getting a reasonable quality as well.

9. Is getting my ring Custom Made more expensive than buying 'off the shelf'?

When it comes to our rings, absolutely not! We make each and every ring we sell in exactly the same way in our on-site workshop. Whether we make your ring especially for you or you purchase one of the completed designs available from our showroom, the price doesn’t vary. In fact we’ve been known to re-create the same design even if you find the perfect one in our showroom, so you know that your piece was made especially for you.

10. What maintenance does jewellery need?

This is a big one. Just as you service your car regularly, your jewellery does need some TLC from time to time too. Not only will this keep it looking in tip top condition, it will also minimise any repair costs you may incur down the track as we can keep an eye on any wear and tear.

For all our rings we recommend bringing them in for a regular check-up every 6 months so we can give them a clean and check. It’s important to do so as you will bump, knock and scratch your jewellery through everyday wear. Our full check up and service will set you back a small fee, and your jewellery will be returned to you generally within 24 hours looking good as new.

Question on your mind not here? Don't fret...get in touch with us via one of the options below!