The perfect surprise,
made easy...


The perfect surprise,
made easy...

If you’re anything like most guys we speak to, you may be feeling a little confused or maybe unsure where to begin. Well, we’ve created a guide exclusively for the guys to take you through step-by-step and make this easy, stress-free and dare we say it – maybe even fun! So, lets get started.


While this definitely isn’t the most important part, it often helps to have some idea of how much you’re thinking of spending. For most this is a new area and many guys are unsure about what things cost and what ‘the norm’ is.

As much as there’s lots of old tales around about how you should spend 3 months salary and the like, it actually really comes down to what best suits you and what you’re happy to spend.

Most guys want to get the right balance between recognising the importance of this ring and how long their partner will wear it for, while still being comfortable with what they’re spending.

We can create rings from the $3.5k mark upward, and the average amount would be somewhere in the 5-10k mark. But, each individual is different and this is all about you. For some the sweet spot is around the $4k mark and for others it’s closer to $15k – everyone will have their own range.

We’ll create your ring to suit your price point, so think about what you’re comfortable with and go from there.


This part is going to come down a little bit to your individual style and personality. But, we find that for most guys – being a little more organised can pay off big time.

While our rings take approx 2-3 weeks to create, most like to organise a little more in advance (sometimes even as early as 6 months prior).

There really isn’t a set rule, but instead of rushing and picking the ring up the week of the proposal, consider the potential of giving yourself some extra breathing room and getting organised.

This can give you time to relax and focus on how you’re going to pop the question, all while being confident you have the perfect ring to accompany your surprise.


This might be the one that’s top of mind at the moment and as much as you may not feel like it now – it can be easier than you think to get it just right.

You might be one of the lucky ones who’s been given lots of hints about her dream ring or you may be starting out and feeling like you’ve not got a clue where to begin. Either way, there’s a few things you can do to get started.

The good news is that you’ll likely surprise yourself with how much you do actually know her style and what she wears already is a great place to start.

If your partner is often wearing Silver then White Gold is going to be a good choice, and if she’s more often found in coppery or yellow tones then Rose or Yellow Gold may be the perfect option.

As far as the design itself, we often take a few hints from personality and lifestyle and chatting through this and getting to know your partner a little is one of our favourite parts.

If she’s fairly simple and minimalist, a solitaire might be the perfect style. The same as someone who likes a traditional or antique element may love a trilogy (three-stone).

Don’t worry if you’re feeling unsure – it’s our job to talk through it with you so together we can create the perfect ring.

You can perhaps also take some hints from any images she may have shown you or ask a close friend or family member if she’s mentioned anything.

Our general rule of thumb is that simple can often be best and if you’re really unsure you can always choose for one of our proposal rings. This will allow you to surprise her and pop the question and then come back to design the ring together.


Most guys can find this is sometimes the most confusing part. For a lot of people, this might be completely unknown territory and often the way it’s explained on the internet and the deeper you research – the more confused you might feel.

If you feel like you can trust the jeweller and their experience to handle this for you, then this process can be a lot simpler and easier for you. But, a general overview can often make a lot of people feel more comfortable in understanding what they’re buying.

The most important thing to look for is a well balanced diamond. Focusing on one element won’t give you a beautiful stone overall, so balance is key!

If you’re after a nice bright, beautiful, white and sparkling diamond then this means looking at how it works as a whole, not just a few specific elements.

If you’re after a simple and easy to understand overview – you can read our diamond guide here.


The perfect idea might pop into your head or you may be looking for some inspiration (you can check out some of our proposal ideas here).

Either way, trust us when we say that your proposal story will be told over many champagnes for many years to come – so it’s a special one.

As long as it has some thoughtfulness behind it and represents you as a couple, we’re sure she’ll love it!