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An Appointment at the STUDIO is the key to the Ultimate Reaction the first time you open that little white box.

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*We’re located on the outskirts of Adelaide’s CBD. Our exact address is included in your confirmation email at the time of booking.


It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3…

  1. Select the time that suits you best with our online booking system.

  2. Secure your time by making your one-time $59 payment (this is deducted from your purchase price).

  3. Get excited and keep an eye on your inbox for our confirmation email.

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Just the beginning of the Pure Envy Experience and the ring of your dreams.


This is what it's all about...

Personal – Your one-on-one time slot with an expert focused solely on your appointment and getting to know you.

Private – Don’t risk running into anyone you know in a busy retail store or mall. Your time with us is sheltered from prying eyes that would spoil your secret.

Informative – All the information you need to know, talked through at your pace without confusing terms or lingo.

Hands on – no invasive showroom cases where you feel intimidated to look. Your time with us is a relaxed conversation with rings you can feel and touch.

On-site – Your Appointment is at the same place your ring is made, nothing outsourced or sent away. This means we have complete control and expertise over every step.

No interruptions – Your time is reserved, there’s no standing in line, nobody answering the phone halfway through your conversation or anyone waiting behind you rushing your decisions.

Booking fee – Appointments require a $59 payment to secure your booking time. This is a one-time payment that allows us to reserve your one on one time with us, but is then deducted from the price of your purchase.  This exists to ensure people book to attend, not to be a no show – and we can make sure the time that might be most convenient for you as a genuine booking can be kept free!


Wondering what your time with us would look like? Let us paint a picture for you...

First off, our team will start by getting to know a little bit about you and what you’re after. Who you are is just as important to us. We’re creating a ring that will symbolise your Engagement after all.

You might have no idea where to start, or have an exact picture of what they love. It doesn’t matter where you’re at – we’ll help guide you. Our clients tell us all the time how nervous they are to start. But, then they’re surprised by how Easy it all is and how much they enjoy the process.

Initially we are aiming to get a feel for how we can best tailor your appointment time to you. There’s not a pre set agenda. Everything we do it’s all based around it being the right fit for you.

We’ll walk you through different design options and play with some different rings so that you can physically touch and feel what might suit you. When it comes to different information and understanding things – like Diamonds and pros and cons about different designs, we’ll make it easy. We can give you as much or as little info as you’d like. Again, it’s about your time with us being suited to you.

As we are creating your ring especially for you we’ll also tailor the design to suit your price range and what you love. We know it can sometimes be hard to know how much you want to spend when you don’t know what that looks like in a ring, so we’ll walk you through the different options and find what will suit you and what you’re after best.

Appointments generally go for around 30 minutes, but by no means do we rush you out the door when 30 minutes is up. It’s relaxed and at your pace. That means some people are ready to go in 20 minutes and others sit with us for closer to 45.

Perfect for the Guys who want to organise their dream ring privately and away from prying eyes while planning their secret proposal.


Want to check something off your list before you book in?

Whether it’s to ask a burning question, speak to a real human, find out more about us or talk us through what you’re after…

A 15 Minute Call is the perfect place to start.

We’ve made it super Easy for you to chat through whatever you need at a time that’s convenient for you.

Simply select the time that best suits and a member of our team will give you a call to talk through whatever’s on your mind.

All you need to do is have the phone ready for your selected time and we’ll do the rest!

Together, we can work out if we’re the right fit for one another and put your mind at ease.