Our Designs

Wedding Rings

  • If a wedding ring communicates ʻIʼm yoursʼ…

    Then a Pure Envy wedding ring says ʻYou Melted my Heartʼ.

    At Pure Envy, our selection of mixed metals and diamond rings will ensure you can find or design a perfect ring to suit you and your lifestyle.

    Why settle for average when you have the chance to enjoy something truly special and custom made to quality standards rarely found.

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  • Congratulations.

    It’s time to get Excited!

    There is no better way to express your love, than with a Pure Envy diamond ring unsurpassed with it’s Quality, Design and Endless Romantic Stories.

    Join the select few and enjoy true quality of a Pure Envy Custom made Designer Engagement ring brings you.

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Custom Designs

  • Custom made

    doesn’t have to mean more expensive,

    …it means it’s been specially made just for you.

    Who wouldn’t love that?

    Whatever your ideal ring, we’ll custom design and make it for you in our own fully equipped private studio  workshop.

    Our only condition:

    …Let your wildest imagination run wild.

    Everything is possible. At Pure Envy, dreams and ideas are truly brought to life. Our state-of-the-art studio is the secret behind great design. Pure Envy fills the gap for jewellery lovers who want ‘quality’, ‘custom made’ jewellery that’s ‘exceptional’. So express who you really are and let us bring your ideas to life !

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  • Real Men know a  wedding ring should match your lifestyle and everyday living… long term.

    Our designs feature Platinum, gold, white gold and rose golds and we are the titanium specialists.

    Discuss all your options with the designers at Pure Envy and find your ring that reflects your personality.

    Simple and cool, flamboyant or ambitious.

    At Pure Envy, we design men’s rings from the simple to the extra ordinary. You will find the perfect ring to suit your style and personality. We create our designs in our own jeweller’s studio workshop, so we can create yours to be just the way you want.

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  • You wear this ring as you have my heart.

    With a Pure Envy commitment ring you can give the person you love a beautiful design which says everything you feel.

    The perfect way of expressing your love and making someone special very very happy.

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GLBT Partners

  • Finally the ideal solution to capture your personalities in a set of designer rings to share your connection. Each of us has strengths and unique quality in the way we all complete each other. What better way than to capture the commitment shared in a pair of rings that symbolize your special relationship. Often referred to as the Commitment ring Specialists, we know what it takes to capture your commitment and create designs that suit you both.

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  • Wanting something beautiful for a special surprise, then Pure Envy is the finest way to the perfect gift. With our enduring quality and unsurpassed unique designs, you can be sure to impress with something unique and exclusive.

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