Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Oval Cut Engagement Rings

The perfect oval cut engagement rings
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Oval Cut Engagement Rings

If you’re looking for the perfect timeless choice and want to make an impact for your money, then look no further than Oval Cut Engagement Rings!

As the name suggests, these Engagement Rings feature an Oval Cut Diamond as their centre and show stopping eye-catcher! There’s so many things to love about Oval Diamonds, and therefore there’s also a lot to love about Oval Cut Engagement Rings, but here’s some of our favourites!

Oval Cut Diamonds are Brilliant Cut, which means they have that sparkle we all lust after. The world-renowned Diamond glimmer that catches your attention as it touches the light and shimmers, stems from Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds and Oval Cut Diamonds have this same sparkle factor too! The main difference being, their shape!

The shape actually takes us to one of our other favourite things about Oval Cut Engagement Rings, you actually get more size (and therefore more bang for your buck) for the same budget! If you’re wondering how this is the case? Bare with us for a minute and it’ll all make perfect sense.

Put simply, when we talk about a Diamond’s size we refer to the Carat – but, this is actually the weight of the stone, not the dimensions. Because an Oval Diamond is a different shape to say a Round Diamond, the way this weight is placed in the stone is different. The bonus is that an Oval Diamond will look bigger in your ring and on your hand than a Round Diamond of the same size will! What’s not to love about that?

Just in case you needed more – because of the shape of an Oval, this Diamond Cut will also elongate your finger too! This means that for many people, they prefer the look of an Oval Diamond on their hand than another shape.

There’s many different options and types of Oval Diamond Engagement Rings too. You might opt for something very simple and classic such as a Solitaire (single Diamond), add some extra bling with some side Diamonds or a halo, or even consider a Trilogy (three stones) for something that falls in the middle. Whether you’re after classic and traditional or something a bit unique, an Oval Diamond might be the perfect choice for the Engagement Ring of your dreams.

What we’ve discussed above are just some of the added benefits of considering this style of design, but it doesn’t hurt that they look stunning too!

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