Three Stone Engagement Rings

Three Stone Engagement Rings

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Three Stone Engagement Rings

A timeless choice and the perfect middle man between simple Solitaires and a lot of sparkle? Three Stone Engagement Rings!

When most people think of Three Stone Engagement Rings, or Trilogy’s as they are also often known and referred to, three Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds are generally what comes to mind. This is arguably the most traditional and classic of the options and can be created in one of two ways. The first (and our personal favourite) is to feature a larger Round Brilliant Cut Diamond in the centre with a smaller Round Brilliant Cut Diamond either side to complement. It gives you great impact of the centre size, but boosts this with some extra sparkle across the finger either side.

The other option is to have three Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds of the same size. Whilst some love the dramatic impact this style can give, it is often a higher priced option as you really want to have three larger Diamonds to get that impact you’re after. Either is a beautiful and timeless option, but creating the first way will just give you more for your money.

What you might not have initially realised though is that Three Stone Engagement Rings don’t just include Round Diamonds, but can include Diamonds of many and any shapes! Even whilst using a Round Diamond in the centre, you could have Tapered Baguettes or Pear Diamonds either side for example. In the same way, the centre Diamond doesn’t have to be a Round either. Oval Cut Diamonds can look stunning with a Round Diamond or a Tapered Baguette either side or maybe an Emerald Cut Diamond with Tapered Baguettes is the perfect choice for you!

When it comes to Trilogy’s the options really are endless, and it’s just a matter of sitting down together and playing with different Diamond shapes and options to find the style and combination that’s perfect for you!

Regardless of which composition of Diamonds and sizes you choose – one thing that you can love across the board with any Three Stone styles is the impact they have on the finger. Because we’re setting Diamonds across the top of the band, you’re able to get size and sparkle across the top which can be very striking and give you more bang for your buck than just having one large Diamond on its own. This means that Trilogy styles can be a great way to create an eye-catching and stunning Engagement Ring that can be tailored to suit you and your individual style in the way of the individual Diamonds chosen and used together!

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