What Eternity Rings are and who they are for...

Whether it’s one, two, five or ten years later – we get a lot of questions when it comes to Eternity Rings.

Some guys have known this is exactly what she wants since day one, some had never heard of eternity rings until 5 minutes ago and others just don’t understand why on earth she needs another ring.

We get it. Sometimes it’s hard to understand.

But, this is how most girls feel.

They might not understand how excited you are about the car, boat or motorbike you’re saving up for. But, hey go along with it because they know how it’s going to make you feel.

While these things may mean financial freedom, fun, a reward to yourself, enjoyment and so on to you.

What this ring represents to her is a little bit different.

It’s a way of you saying you care, a thoughtful gesture, a symbol of your love.

It makes her smile, feel like she deserves to be spoilt and thankful that she found you.

An eternity ring is something just for her –

Just Because She Deserves It.