Women’s Engagement Rings

Women's Engagement Rings

The perfect women's engagement rings
for the perfect day...

Women's Engagement Rings

We’re specialists in creating beautiful rings, but if we had to say we were experts in just one thing it would definitely be Women’s Engagement Rings.

There’s nothing quite like the moment you ask your significant other ‘Will You Marry Me?’. It’s a day you’ll both remember for the rest of your lives, and your Engagement Ring is the symbol and momento that captures everything this moment is about. That means it has to be perfect.

When it comes to Women’s Engagement Rings, there’s no end to what you can choose. While at first this might sometimes feel a little overwhelming as it can be hard to know where to begin, when you break it down it can actually be Easy (dare we say even fun?) to create the perfect ring.

An Engagement Ring should suit it’s wearer, and the couple. This means that what’s the perfect choice for your friend, neighbour, or sister, won’t be the perfect choice for you. Your Engagement Ring should undeniably be something you wear with a smile, a symbol that reminds you of a special moment and how much your partner cared about making it just right. Encapsulating all of this into a ring is why we love what we do. It’s not ‘just a ring’, it’s so much more.

All this in mind, we create all of our Engagement Rings for each client. This means from the moment we began creating it, your ring has been yours and made to suit you. There’s just something about it having your name on it since the beginning that an off the shelf ring simply cannot compete with.

When it comes to the ring design itself, it’s all about looking at some different options to find what jumps out at you. If you or your partner are someone who likes the more simple things and is after a very traditional kind of style, then the Solitaire may be the perfect choice for you. This style features one Diamond as the star of the show, with a plain band. For others, adding some more Diamonds in the form of a halo (small Diamonds around the centre), or in the band may be the perfect amount of bling. There’s also designs such as a Trilogy (three Diamonds) that often suit someone who falls in the middle of these two options.

The most important part when it comes to Women’s Engagement Rings is trusting your instincts. You know your partner better than anyone, and often you’ll have more of an idea of what they’ll love than you think!