Baguette Engagement Rings

Baguette Engagement Rings

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Baguette Engagement Rings

If you love Baguette Engagement Rings you may be considering or drawn to one of two things, or maybe both! Many people are actually referring to using an Emerald Cut Diamond as their centre stone when looking into Baguette Engagement Rings, and others are considering Baguette Diamonds as side stones in a design.

Emerald Cut Diamonds and Baguette Diamonds are often easily confused as they are both step-cut. This means that unlike a Round Diamond for example, they don’t have that famous sparkle most think of when considering Diamonds. For many people this is actually why they love these Diamond Cuts as it’s not quite as much bling and also a point of difference.

An Emerald Cut centre stone is a timeless option and is often said to almost look a little antique in style too. Set on their own in a Solitaire design they can be quite classic and eye-catching, but a halo of sparkling Round Diamonds can also bring them to life and give a different look entirely. It’s all about having a play with different options and finding the best one that suits you.

Baguette Diamonds on the other hand, can be paired with an Emerald Cut centre or any other Diamond shape too. Our favourite is Tapered Baguettes – the classic step cut in a Rectangular shape but one that tapers from one wider end down to a thinner one. These are great set either side of a centre stone and add a level of interest without overpowering the design with too much sparkle.

Due to their matching style, Tapered Baguettes with an Emerald Cut Diamond centre can be quite a classy combination. But, they look equally great paired with Brilliant Cut sparkling centres like Round or Oval Diamonds. With these sparkling shapes, Tapered Baguettes are often used by those who find more sparkling Diamonds to be too much sparkle, but equally so find simple Solitaires not enough. The Tapered Baguettes serve as a stepping stone between the two styles adding just enough sparkle for the wearer.

When it comes to using a standard Baguette Cut, we’d generally incorporate these to serve the same kind of purpose as a Tapered Baguette – a tool to add interest, but not as the main feature. They can look great set parallel to the centre stone running vertically, or on occasion can also be used in a halo to create a different look than that which Round stones for example would provide.

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