"Eighteen years ago on an aeroplane a couple had a lightbulb moment…

After many years in the industry, countless rings created and diamonds set, they identified a gap in the market…

And realised they had something unique to bring to the table.

Their mission was a Quality product and an experience that matched. Old fashioned customer service and a process that made popping the question or marking a special occasion fun and stress-free.

Pure Envy was born and thousands have joined the family since.

Our approach: no fluff, just bubbles."


We’re big believers that it’s more than ‘just a ring’.

What we create are symbols of moments you’ll carry with you for years to come. They’re physical reminders of the ones you love, commitment, occasions and symbols that will transport you back to a moment in time with just one glance. This is the foundation of everything we do.


A proud South Aussie business, we’ve been in the jewellery industry for over 35 years and changing the game under the Pure Envy banner for over 18.

We’re all about pushing the norm and searching for a higher level we can take things to - be it Quality, design, service or client relationships, the question we’re always asking ourselves is how can we make it better for you!

It’s this kind of drive that also leads us to do sometimes crazy things in the name of mastery (like Scott setting over 45,000 gemstones in his first two years) or on the odd occasion saying yes to 24 hour turnarounds on an engagement ring and hand-delivering to the restaurant just before they’re about to propose!


About 2 years ago after over 16 years on Adelaide’s premier high-street, King William Road, we packed up and moved to the space we now call home!

It was time for a new chapter, and yet again to take what we do to another level. Moving into an appointment only space, on the edge of Adelaides CBD, means we can do what we do BUT even better.

Sitting down with our clients one-on-one without interruptions is a nod to the sentiment behind what we create, but also allows you to be comfortable in the time you spend with us. It’s not rushed, it’s more personal and intimate and means you can be completely confident in the ring we create for you.

As an added bonus, your appointment is away from prying eyes! We have completely gotten rid of the chance you’ll bump into someone you know - and trust us from experience, they are nooooot quiet about it when they see you…it usually goes something like “oh. my. god. Are you going to propose?!”


Start to finish, everything starts and ends in our STUDIO.

It’s all super simple!

With a click across to our booking form, you select the time that best works for you to come in and see us.

Our team will send a sneaky confirmation message to your inbox (check your spam!) and we’ll start preparing for your time with us.

When it comes time for you to sit down with us, we walk you through everything you need to know! There’s a little bit of personalisation here (well, a lot!).

Sometimes (most of the time) we’re starting at the very beginning and that means our focus is helping you feel comfortable and confident in the new world you’ve landed in.

For others it’s all in the details - it’s all about your experience suiting you as a person and what you’re after.

Don’t worry - we’ll show you our physical rings along the way too. Holding a ring in your hand and getting an idea of what different shapes and sizes really look like is part of making it all easy!


Winner - Master Jeweller Award

4 x Winners of 'Apprentice Jeweller of the Year Award'

2 x Winners of 'Master Jewellers People's Choice Award'

Winner of 'Design and Craftsmanship of the Year' Award

Awarded Best Large Jewellery Retailer Australia & New Zealand

Pure Envy Award Gallery

‘Worked with and met some of the biggest names.
You’d be surprised who wears a piece from Pure Envy and Scott Anthony’