About Pure Envy

Pure Envy is more than just a jewellery store. We’re a family business with a passion for creating quality Engagement rings tailored to suit you, your tastes and your budget, and giving you the experience you deserve.

With over 35 years experience in the jewellery industry and over two decades operating under the Pure Envy banner, we’ve welcomed thousands of happy clients into the Pure Envy family who have trusted us to create their Engagement Rings.


A proud local South Australian family business, we’ve been creating beautiful rings for decades.

The Pure Envy journey began over 20 years ago when our owners, Scott & Cathy, recognised a gap in the market and realised they had something unique to bring to the table.

Scott, an Award Winning Jeweller with over 35 years experience in the Jewellery Industry, has personally set tens of thousands of diamonds and gems and creates designs that speak for themselves.

Our mission is to create quality products and offer an experience that matches.

We believe in old fashioned customer service, getting to know our clients as people rather than viewing them as a number or a sale, and making asking that special question and creating their dream ring fun and stress-free.

Your Ring, Your Way

To us, it’s not “just a ring”, but a symbol of so much more - and every part of our process and what we create reflects this.

Your Engagement Ring will transport you back to a moment in time for many years to come and that sentiment is the foundation of everything we do.

We’re here to create an Engagement Ring that suits you, your story and what you love. We believe in personalised service and exceptional craftsmanship that suits you, your taste and your budget.

Our team is here to provide a relaxed experience in the comfort of our appointment only studio and help you explore your options free from interruptions and prying eyes.

By reserving a time especially for you we can not only make your Engagement Ring journey discreet, but also have the time to tailor your ring to you - that means a design you love (and they will too), maximum value for your price range and the ability to tailor what you love to what you want to spend.

Real People

When you choose Pure Envy, you’re not just speaking with a sales assistant ready to get your hard earned dollars and a commission in their pocket.

Our entire business is family run so when we say we live and breathe our mission of crafting an exceptional product, making it easy and giving you value for money - we mean it.

Whether you know exactly what you’re after and have an image of what they love, or you’re just beginning to navigate the process and explore ideas - we’re here to help make it Easy.

By holding physical rings and giving you tangible visuals of what different designs and price points really look like, we’ll make it easy for you to choose the perfect ring they’ll love.

But, we also leave confusing industry lingo at the door. We know that this is a new arena for most people and we’re real people - so we’ll talk to you like one too!

Don't Pay More Than You Have To

We Custom Make every single ring right here in our online studio workshop because we believe your ring should be everything you love and honestly, there is just something about a ring that’s been yours from the very beginning.

But, we’re also big believers in honesty and integrity and creating a product that gives maximum value for money to our clients.

Our rings aren’t more expensive because they’re Custom Made. They’re nearly always more reasonably priced, and a higher quality product and because we create it just for you - you can choose the exact price you’re comfortable spending from $4k up.

No pressure, no sales tactics, no up-selling - just whatever you are personally comfortable with.

Award Winning Expertise


4 x Winners of 'Apprentice Jeweller of the Year Award'

2 x Winners of 'Master Jewellers People's Choice Award'

Winner of 'Design and Craftsmanship of the Year' Award

Awarded 'Best Large Jewellery Retailer Australia & New Zealand'
Awarded 'Best Custom Engagement & Wedding Jewellers 2022'

Awarded 'Bespoke Engagement Manufacturers of the Year 2023 - Adelaide'
Awarded 'Best Custom Engagement & Wedding Jewellers 2023'
Awarded 'Wedding Jewellery Specialists of the Year 2023 - Adelaide'

Pure Envy Award Gallery

‘Worked with and met some of the biggest names.
You’d be surprised who wears a piece from Pure Envy and Scott Anthony’