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What if I have no idea what she wants?

Decided you’re ready to propose, but nervous you don’t know what style of ring she will love? Below are a few of our top tips to collect some very helpful clues!

1 - Consider the jewellery she currently wears (if any). What colour metal are these pieces? Are they simple, different etc. You don’t need to worry about working out what these things “mean” but having an idea of her current style will help us guide you in your appointment.

2 - Does she use Pinterest and have any favourites saved? This can be a gold mine of invaluable info!

3 - Has she possibly mentioned to her sister or best friend what she may like? Again, can be a wealth of knowledge here (Note: we do recommend thinking about who you’re wanting to involve in your proposal plans too. Some love to involve friends and family and therefore will be super open to this discussion, but if you’d rather keep your plans under wraps that’s totally ok too!)

4 - Consider any comments she has made when others have got engaged. Did she love some rings, was not as drawn to others? Any little hints here can be helpful too.

If none of the above has revealed any gems of information for you - don’t worry! Often we can help steer you in the right direction after talking through things. But remember to trust yourself too. You know your partner better than anyone and your gut instinct is often completely right here. The honest truth from our experience is that if you don’t know what she loves, she probably doesn’t either! Simple and classic is often a great choice here. She can always add to it with a bling filled wedding band should she wish to later.

If you’re still not sure, our proposal ring can also be a great place to start. This allows you to propose with a Diamond set band and have the surprise proposal element and then come back in together to design the ring she loves.

Is custom made more expensive?

Nope - we make them all the same way!

We’d much rather make the ring for you than be making rings for a potential person we’ve never met and then just taking it out of the cabinet and never getting to know them.

Extra sentimentality, yep! But, this also means it’s tailored to what you want AND your price range. It also means we have total control over the whole process so we can ensure high Quality and nothing getting lost in translation.

A lot of people assume that Custom Made will be more expensive and end up paying a lot more for a mass produced product.

We’re big on quality and experience (hence the appointment set up) but you’d be hard pressed to find better value for money on the market. We’re honestly often shocked by what others are charging.

How can I work out her finger size?

Wondering how to know the right ring size? You’re not alone!

This is honestly what most often has people worried when looking to propose. But, it’s actually one of the easiest parts about what we do.

There’s a few things that can help you out when you’re looking for finger size:

1: Use a ring they already have.

The most accurate way is to bring in for us to size in person, but if they will notice it is missing you can use a ruler and email a photo through to us.

For this method you want to place the ring on the ruler and take a photo straight on from the top down so we can measure the inner diameter. Simply attach the image, email through and we’ll take care of the rest.

Top tip here: check which finger your partner wears the ring on you are measuring or bringing in to us so we can adjust the size accordingly.

2: Show us a few images your partner!!

This is by far the most common way we work out finger size. We know it sounds wild, but when you’ve been doing something for as long as we have you know your stuff pretty well.

We’re generally within 1 size doing this way and we can then adjust to perfection after your proposal.

Most importantly: take this one off your list of worries. As we create all of our rings in our on-site workshop resizing is no hassle for us at all.

We will create your ring as close to perfect as we can with whatever information we have, but our overall aim is to create so that you can propose. We can then adjust as required after the proposal and can generally do so in just a few hours.

How long does it take?

So you’ve decided to get the ball rolling, or at least you’re thinking about maybe saying go. But - how long do you need, what’s too far in advance, and what’s too late?

It’s not only our MOST commonly asked question, but also probably the most stressed about. So let’s dive into it for you.

First off, there’s not technically such a thing as too early, but there is such a thing as too late.

While we don’t necessarily recommend 9 months or 2 years before, being more organised is always less stress than leaving it to the last minute.

For the most relaxing and stress-free experience we’d recommend leaving yourself a 2 week-3 month buffer after the ring is finished before you’re hoping to propose with it.

This means you can come and see the end result, breathe a sigh of relief and get back to thinking about how you’d like to ask that special question.

Don’t worry - you can store it with us until the day of the proposal, so you don’t need to worry about a hiding place!

Now that we’ve covered the buffer thing - how long does it actually take to make? Generally 2-3 weeks but if it’s a more detailed design or just a super crazy time of year it can be a little longer.

This means if you want a little bit of a buffer, but are leaving things relatively close to the proposal, you’ll want to be saying go around 4 weeks before.

(We have on occasion done a speedy turnaround for clients in as little as 7 days though - so if you’re reading this and thinking time has run out, it never hurts to call us and ask what we can make happen for you!)

Why do you charge for appointments?

Your Engagement Ring isn’t just any kind of purchase - the meaning, the sentimentality, the care you have in making sure it’s right...we share that vision. That’s why our process isn’t like walking into a store to buy a t-shirt and walking out with a carry bag.

We take the time to get to know our clients - it’s not just a sale. After over 20 years operating under the Pure Envy banner we believe more strongly than ever that you deserve our full attention and not to be interrupted by browsers or running into someone you know all while you’re trying to organise the surprise of a lifetime.

Being by appointment means your time with us is solely about you. Your ring, your experience, your pace. There’s no pressure to do things a certain way, spend a certain amount or choose a design we’ve already made up. It’s about us chatting with you and doing things your way.

The small fee simply allows us to reserve this time for you and once you have decided on your perfect ring we then deduct this from your invoice.

Take the time to look around our site, see who we are and what we do. We are a South Australian family business who pride themselves on the care and service of our Customers.

Then take a look at our Google reviews and I’m sure that you will know that this small fee, which is deductible, will be worth every cent.

Engagement Designs made simple - what are they?

Even if your partner has been generous enough to gift you with an image of what they love, it often helps to understand some of the general terminology of different styles to understand what it is you are buying.

We can walk you through the specifics of each design (and any image you’ve been sent) but thought it would be helpful to give a general overview of the main styles.

Our rule of thumb, as always, is to keep it simple. There are many variations of every design but there is no use overwhelming yourself with 56 variations of a design you don’t like in the first place.

Keeping it simple, we break it down into five categories.

1: The Solitaire - doesn’t get much simpler than this. A Solitaire is a single Diamond on a plain band. It’s a great classic option perfect for those after something timeless or who possibly don’t wear much jewellery. We can create this with any shaped Diamond as the feature to customise to suit you and your partner.

2: The Halo: This style sees small Diamonds set surrounding your centre Diamond adding a “halo” as the name suggests. It’s a great way to increase size and get bang for your buck and also add some extra sparkle.

3 - Diamond shoulders: A great option if you like the classic Solitaire but want to add a bit more sparkle. In simple terms this involves setting small Diamonds in the band, and we can talk you through different styles of doing so that will give you slightly different looks.

4 - Trilogy: Also known as the three stone, this involves three Diamonds set as a feature in the centre. A great classic option that gives you a bit more bling and is also a great budget maximiser as you spread the sparkle across the finger. There are many variations of this style including different Diamond shape combinations and different sizing of the stones so once again it’s about working with you to make it truly yours.

5 - Wider/Unique styles: Our final addition to the 5 is for the different styles and those searching for something unique. Whether a wider band, something off-set, these designs are all about a point off difference and stepping outside the norm.

Natural vs Lab Grown Diamonds

Wondering which is the right choice for you? Here’s our overview of the two options.

We often explain this to clients in an appointment, but there is no one size fits all and we offer both options to our clients.

It comes down to weighing up the pros and cons of each and finding what is the right choice for you and your partner.

So let’s walk you through:

In terms of properties, look, sparkle etc - they are exactly the same. The simple difference is just that one is formed naturally in the earth (Natural Diamonds) and one is grown and man made in a factory (Lab Grown Diamonds).

For some clients Natural is the way to go. There is just something about having the “original” or “real deal” that appeals to them. They want something that’s been formed over thousands of years and has that natural fingerprint and the thought of having an alternative just doesn’t sit right with them.

If this is you, or you think this is your partner, then Natural is likely the way to go. We don’t believe you need a justification for this. This is your Engagement Ring - that means it’s important to trust your gut instincts.

For others, these factors really aren’t a consideration and the extra size and price point Lab Grown Diamonds offers is enough to seal the deal (Lab Grown can be up to 50% cheaper). They’re not fussed about it being man made and are looking to maximise their budget which makes this an obvious choice for them.

The only other consideration we like to run clients through is that the Lab Grown Diamonds are unlikely to hold their value in the way Natural Diamonds do, because there is no limitation on how many can be produced.

This means in years to come you may see that what you purchased is now much cheaper than what you paid (which is not likely to happen with a Natural stone). However, it is also worth noting that re-selling your Engagement Ring is not something many people plan to do at any stage and while the purchase price may stay the same on a Natural Diamond ring, getting what you paid when selling any kind of second hand ring is near impossible.

What do I really need to know about Diamonds?

The general idea? You want a balance of everything. All the elements work together to make a beautiful Diamond and often when researching online people make the mistake of focusing on one element at the expense of others not understanding how this impacts the overall appearance of the stone.

Our advice is to get a general understanding and overview so you can understand what it is you’re being and then finding someone you feel comfortable trusting (and knows what they’re doing) so you can rest assured they have you covered with the specifics.

What if she doesn't like it?

The honest truth - this rarely ever happens! We credit a lot of that to how we do things because we’re not simply selling you a ring out of a cabinet and sending you on your merry way. We get to know our clients and this means that we take our time deciding on a design you are happy with - greater time, care and attention to detail means the chances she’s going to love it are a lot higher.

Sometimes though, there might be small details she hadn’t shared with you or was simply not aware that she wanted. If there are any concerns we will work with you to find a solution - we want her to love it as much as you do and would much rather an open and honest conversation and a ring you can both love to show off. We will always keep the cost of any alterations to an absolute minimum and work with you to find an outcome that works for you both.

How does an appointment work?

Wondering how your time with us would look? Let’s walk you through!

We do things a little differently by being by appointment, but our entire reason for doing things this way is You.

For some people their visit with us might be the very beginning of their journey and they have little idea on design and others might have a head start with some not so subtle hints or images.

Either way, we’ll sit down with you and chat through where you’re at. We’re looking to get to know you and your partner and get a feel for what’s important to both of you.

Then we’ll look at some different designs (yes we have lots of rings here too!) so you can touch and feel different styles and get an idea of what suits. We’ll explain the most important elements to you and tailor the information to you. Some people want simple and easy info and others are here for an in-depth deep dive with all the nitty gritty.

We know it’s hard to know exactly what pricing actually looks like in a ring so once we’ve found the style you love we’ll show you what some different price points might look like and chat through where you’d like to sit. Because we make your ring for you, we source everything to work around your price range. You set the rules, we’ll weave our magic.
Most of our clients spend one appointment with us, but if you need to sleep on things and review with us you’re more than welcome to.

Then, when you’re comfortable and looking to get the ball rolling - we take a 50% deposit and organise a time approx 2-3 weeks later for you to come and see your ring!

You can then take it with you or leave with us to store until just before your planned proposal - no hiding place required!

Platinum vs White Gold

This is a hot topic that everyone has a different opinion and take on, and different reasons why you could recommend one or the other.

Platinum has been marketed as better, because it is rare - there is just less of it in the world. People also think it’s more prestigious because they think it doesn’t need maintenance. While the Platinum does not need Rhodium Plating it still need maintenance checks and we have repaired just as many Platinum settings as White Gold ones.

White Gold, in our opinion, is the superior and better choice of the two. It is a harder metal which makes it better for settings and stone security. Platinum on the other hand is more malleable (has a little bit of give in it) and while this flex makes it easier for us to set it, we don’t believe it is best for durability and wear for you.

We can make in either White Gold or Platinum, it just all comes down to your personal preference. Some clients still opt for Platinum as their personal preference, however 95% choose White Gold for the reasons listed above and we opt for this for our own jewellery too!

Why should my Diamond be certified?

It’s probably worth us first outlining what your Diamond being certified means. Plain and simple - this involves an Independent (that part is important) Diamond grading lab assessing your stone (carat weight, colour, clarity, dimensions etc) and issuing a certificate that lists all these findings and more.

Generally every Diamond over 0.50ct should come with a certificate. This is standard practice for all reputable jewellers and is important for your own peace of mind that the stone is what the person you’re purchasing it from says it is and also gives you confidence that you’re getting what you paid for.

If it’s not certified you don’t have an independent party certifying what your Diamond is and that can open you up to exposure as you are relying on the trustworthiness and assessment of the person selling it to you.


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