• Cloudy diamonds on the loose.

    Cloudy diamonds on the Loose. Believe it or not there are many dirty and ugly diamonds in Adelaide. Don’t let someone sell you one unknowingly. Recently we have noticed more and more diamonds coming to us from people who are saying their diamonds are loosing their sparkle. It is nothing new, but there are more low grade […]

  • Fake Diamonds!

    Cheap Diamonds Really? Read this recent story By Stephanie Chan: MORE SYNTHETIC DIAMONDS FOUND IN INDIA Another incident of undisclosed synthetic diamonds has reportedly been detected in a major international diamond hub. According to a report by The Times of India, 110 synthetic diamonds, each weighing 1.28 carats, were discovered in a parcel belonging to […]

  • Overview on Left

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  • Standard Post Format

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  • Elephant Ring

    Every now and then we are asked to create something out of the ordinary. It’s what we do after all. This time our customer spent approximately 6 months in discussion with us as his partner was adamant that an Elephant ring was the only style she wanted. Our brief: 18 carat yellow gold. Male elephant. […]

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