Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Diamond Engagement Rings

The perfect black diamond engagement rings
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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

We’ve all heard of Diamond Engagement Rings, but Black Diamond Engagement Rings? Now that’s really something to consider! If you’re after a point of difference, then Black Diamond Engagement Rings are where it’s at. Bold and Unique, they certainly capture the attention of everyone you meet and are a great twist on the traditional White Diamond.

Like White Diamonds, Black Diamonds also come in all shapes and sizes so your Engagement Ring can be as classic or unique as you like. Playing around with some different shapes is a great place to start in finding what may be the best option for you. But, if you’re after something that’s really different, then something like a rectangular shaped stone may be the best choice, whereas a Round Black Diamond will still give you a more traditional look despite the colour.

Generally we like to pair Black Diamonds with some other White Diamonds as due to their depth of colour they don’t quite have the sparkle that White Diamonds do. When set on their own they often appear more as Dress type rings and can sometimes also be a little lifeless, but a combination of the two Diamonds will allow you to have the best of both worlds.

A halo of White Diamonds, some Diamonds in the band or some side stones will not only bring the Black Diamond to life it will also show it off as a feature and add some sparkle too. We also love this combination as it allows the Black Diamond to be the hero of your ring, whilst the design itself has some more traditional elements that will create a ring that’s timeless for years to come.

Alternatively, you can also use a White Diamond as the feature and incorporate some Black Diamonds into other elements of the design such as a halo or as side stones down your band. This will add a level of depth to the design whilst still allowing you to have that sparkly centre and can be a real point of difference.

Regardless of the design you choose Black Diamond Engagement Rings are sure to set you and your ring apart from the rest. They can be the perfect solution if you’re someone who loves the idea of a Diamond, but just isn’t into the sparkle. Or, a combination of Black and White Diamonds might give you just the right balance you’ve been looking for.