What she wants VS
what he likes...


What she wants VS
what he likes...

She's wearing it, he's gifting it. They both want to like it but have different tastes. We see this ALL the time. Possibly one of the most common things we experience is couples trying to navigate how to choose the perfect ring. It's what she wants vs. what he likes.

Whether you’ve embarked on the journey of finding the perfect Engagement Ring solo or you’ve got your partner involved, choosing the perfect design can often leave you a little confused because like most things what you each like may be slightly different. While it can be hard to find the balance, we’ve a few words of wisdom from the many years we’ve spent helping couples or fiancé to be’s navigate this struggle.

1. When he's choosing without her (with no idea what she wants)

Sometimes you might not have any direction or indication of what she likes, which means selecting the perfect ring comes down to what you think her style might be. Here, it’s understandable that your own likes and dislikes are going to also come into play (even if a little subconsciously) as you don’t have much definitive direction to play with.

Keep in mind when you’re looking at rings that this may sway you and remember to consider what you think she would prefer. A regular check of 'is this what she would want?' never goes astray.

If you’re unsure, classic and simple is often best.

2. When he's choosing without her (but, she's told him what she wants)

When she’s given you a clear subtle or not so subtle hint about design, we’d not recommend straying from this, even if it’s not your favourite. At the end of the day, when you ask that all important question, what you'll be looking for is her reaction.

If you know exactly what she loves you've been gifted a real leg up here because she's effectively told you exactly how to make sure you choose her perfect ring.

If you stray away from this and choose something you like instead then you're going to show her that this was more important to you than listening to her - not what anyone wants!

3. When you're choosing together

Most commonly we see couples encounter this struggle when shopping for the ring together too as they’re both there in the moment and often have very or slightly different preferences. While we understand that the guy is often (not always) footing the bill and wants to leave their mark on such an important piece, it’s important to listen to what your partner loves the most as she will be wearing the ring every day.

As much as sparkling diamonds might not be your cup of tea, we’re guessing you appreciate her own sense of style and the Engagement Ring she wears is an extension of this.

While it’s nice if you appreciate the style too, at the end of the day something she wears every day for many years to come should reflect her tastes.

We’re sure she’ll want your Wedding Ring to reflect your style down the track too.

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