How do you know
which gold is right for you?


How do you know
which gold is right for you?

Believe it or not, often the question people are left uhming and ahing about is not diamond shape or design, but sometimes which metal to choose! With so many trends, different skin tones and a whole bunch of people who aren't jewellery fanatics and just have no idea what they like, we're answering all your questions on how to choose the perfect gold for you!

When it comes down to what we recommend, there's not really (generally) and advantage to one or the other, if we're talking about the same quality and carat of gold - ie. if we are comparing 18ct White Gold with 18ct Yellow Gold and 18ct Rose Gold and all of these qualities of 18ct are the same (yes, there are different qualities of 18ct!).

Basically, the decision of which is best largely comes down to personal preferences, but there are a few exceptions to this.

The first is our overarching recommendation to set diamonds in White Gold to enhance their white-ness and so they can appear as large as they truly are, as we find other coloured claws can obstruct the overall look and cause them to appear smaller (and nobody wants that!). The second main one, is where we use a certain gold to enhance a feature - for example Rose Gold can look brilliant with champagne diamonds to really make those pink tones pop!

The next thing to consider (as funny as it sounds) is skin tone, and it's highly likely that when you're trying different rings on this will play a large (though maybe slightly subconscious) role in which you opt for.

In a nutshell, just like different colours of clothing suit your skin tone and complexion better than others, the same is going to happen with different types of gold.

We all have different undertones that will affect this so it is a matter of trial and error, but it will also come down to how much you'd like the metal to stand out. For example, white gold looks great on olive complexions and rose gold will too, but the white will be more obvious and sparkly while the rose a little more subtle.


The most common question we get asked though, is about what's most 'popular' or whether things that might be currently on sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are just a fad. Often, people are skeptical of choosing a gold that seems like it's currently 'in' because they're worried it will date! But, there's a few different aspects to this.

Like anything, it is true that different golds are more popular at different times. Yellow Gold used to be the absolute done thing for Engagement and Wedding Rings, and over the years White Gold has completely surpassed this in popularity.

More recently, we have also seen Rose Gold increasingly coming into the mix in both Engagement & Wedding Rings and jewellery in general. But, when we get asked whether clients should be cautious about choosing a certain gold they may believe is currently popular and may just be a ‘fad’ and our answer is always the same - not at all!

As with everything these days, people are feeling more and more confident to be more themselves and the variety of choices often reflect this.

In the same way that people no longer always opt for the ‘traditional’ type of Engagement or Wedding Ring styles, their choices of which material they’d prefer they be made in has also expanded. From where we’re standing this is something to be embraced, not feared!

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