Men’s Wedding Rings


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All designs can be made in White, Rose or Yellow Gold and Platinum or two-tone combinations. Also available in both matte and polished finishes.

Men’s Wedding Rings

Everywhere you look is filled with Diamond rings and different designs for the Ladies, but we’re all about Men’s Wedding Rings too!

Believe it or not, Men’s Wedding Rings don’t just have to mean a plain and traditional Yellow Gold band, (unless that’s what you love of course!) they can have as much or as little personality as you’d like them to.

The more classic Men’s Wedding Ring styles can include plain bands in different coloured golds (White, Yellow and Rose) or materials such as Titanium and can be individualised by adding different finishes such as polished or textured. But, there’s many other design and style variations of Men’s Wedding Rings we can play with too.

One of our favourites, and most popular choices, is a two-tone option. Basically this is a design that incorporates two different metals to create interest and a range of different design elements. It’s also a great choice as it can create a design as simple, or as detailed, as you like. Combine different uses such as a centre strip, or an off-set one, or maybe an alternate metal edging to the centre and you can start to have a ring that’s tailored to you.

It’s easier than it sounds too! Generally we’ll sit down with you in a design appointment and get you to try on a range of different rings. You’ll pretty quickly work out what metal colouring appeals to you and this gives a great starting point as to which materials will suit you, and your skin tone best. From here we can try a range of different designs and again, pretty quickly you’ll find that a certain style will appeal to you. Some people need everything to be symmetrical, and others are drawn to the difference of an off-set design. Either way, we can then make a style you love in the metals you love and suddenly you’ve got a ring you love, and that’s made for you. Super easy!

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to miss out on the sparkle, we can absolutely add some Diamonds too! A nice option as a middle ground that many guys opt for is also the use of Black Diamonds. This will give you the same stone detailing, but a little less bling! Again, it’s all about trying different options and working together to create something just for you that you’ll love to wear.