Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The perfect princess cut engagement rings
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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

Lovers of Square shaped Diamonds naturally gravitate towards Princess Cut Engagement Rings. What many people don’t know however is that Princess Cut Diamonds are actually just one of the options when it comes to square-shaped Diamonds for Engagement Rings. So, it’s worth considering the benefits of all your options!

Princess Cut Diamonds are Cut in a square shape with very defined and pointed corners. When they’re not set this gives people that real square shape they’re after, but what most people don’t realise is that these corners are quite sharp and can chip and break easily. If set in v-cap setting (where metal protects the corners in a v shape) the risks are minimised slightly, but if set in a claw setting people also often complain that the edges catch on things as they have to sit out and around the stone.

For these reasons, when people are considering Princess Cut Engagement Rings, we actually recommend a Diamond alternative – namely the Radiant Cut. These Diamonds are also a square shape, but the edges have been shaved off. This means no corners that can break easily, no catching on things, and when set the claws fill in the rest of the square giving you that defined square shape you’re after.

Both of these Diamond shapes also have the same kind of sparkle, so you’re not compromising on anything here – if anything we’d actually say the Radiant Cut is more striking in this way than the Princess is too.

The other advantage of opting for a Radiant Cut is that there’s many more design options than with a Princess Cut Diamond. Because they can be securely set in claw settings, they can easily have surrounding halo’s of smaller Diamonds, or be set into nice, open, three-stone designs too. As far as we’re concerned, Radiant Cuts are the best kept secret of square Diamonds and a no-brainer when it comes to getting a look you love, with all the practical benefits too.

So, if you’ve been thinking Princess Cut Engagement Rings are where your heart lies in dream ring designs, consider opting for a Radiant instead. It’s worth having a play with both ring designs in real life so you can really see the differences we’ve described above and we can even show you some un-set Princess and Radiant Cut Diamonds too so you can see the difference between how the two are Cut and make the best choice for you!