Square Engagement Rings

Square Engagement Rings

The perfect square engagement rings
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Square Engagement Rings

Love Square Engagement Rings? You’re in the right place! While Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds get all the hype, there’s reasons we love squares too. We’ve got all the best tips on how to make the right choice with all the pros and cons of each square shape for you!

You might not even have considered that there’s different kinds of Square Engagement Rings..you might be thinking, but a square is a square? Normally, you’d be right but there’s actually four different Diamond shapes that fall into the category of ‘Square Engagement Rings’. We promise we’ll make it nice and easy though, and you’ll soon be a total pro.

The most obvious one people automatically consider is the Princess Cut. This is a true square shape with sharp corners. But, while it’s the first one that often pops up, it’s not actually what we recommend. The corners on a Princess Cut are very sharp and actually stick out a little (they’re a bit more dramatic than the classic square shape you’re used to). This means that the claws that hold the Diamond in place stick out too and will often catch on things when being worn. Add to this the fact that these sharp corners can chip and break easily, and you’re starting to see why this one isn’t our favourite choice.

Another one we don’t jump at recommending is the Cushion Shape – this is a square-ish shape with rounded corners. They don’t catch on things, but because of how the Diamond is Cut a lot of the weight of the stone is below. Put simply, they often look smaller than a Diamond of a different shape of the same size, so you’re paying more for something you can’t see.

What we do recommend? Radiant Cut Diamonds, day in and day out! If you imagine a Square with the edges shaved off, then you’ve got yourself a Radiant. It is the perfect solution to that classic square shape as when it’s set the claws holding in the stone fill out the part of the Diamond that’s been shaved off giving you a perfect square shape. But, without the catching and chipping issues you have with a Princess. Win, win!

The last is an Asscher Cut which is completely different from the rest. The same shape and benefits of a Radiant, but without the classic Diamond sparkle and what we call a step-cut instead. This means if you look into the stone it has lines or levels that trace the shape of the stone like an Emerald Cut. It’s a great option for someone who wants a square shape but isn’t a fan of that traditional Diamond sparkle.

No matter your favourite, there’s a Square Diamond choice for everyone. It’s just about weighing the pros and cons and choosing one that’s right for you!