What Our Clients Say About Us

Sam C.

  • I just wanted to apologise that I have not come in to thank you & Scott personally for my GORGEOUS engagement ring!

    I absolutely love it & get comments almost every single day (it’s a bit overwhelming) 🙂 We are so thankful & appreciative & look forward to seeing you soon!

    Nadia & Adam

    “Incredible work, simple and hassle free”.

    Sascha and Nathan


    “Our engagement and wedding rings are beautiful. We constantly get comments”.

    Chantel and Tennyson, Norwood

    “Our ring was exactly as we wanted it”.

    Wendy and Damien, Adelaide

    Ruben T.

    “Spectacular engagement ring”.

    Kristen and Paul, Campbelltown

    “Superb engagement ring. Thank You”.

    Luke and Natalie


    “Even better than we imagined! Everyone was envious of our rings”.

    Hours went into looking for a wedding ring before we decided we couldn’t find one that fitted the picture in my head. Trying to explain a mental picture is a little challenging for those of us not artistically inclined! (Thank you for your patience with us.) Imagine my delight when the ring was complete and it looked BETTER than what I had imagined. Five years later I still catch a glimpse of it now and then and just smile. . It is still a thing of beauty and delight.

    Annette Kittson & Ross Kennedy

    My experience at Pure Envy has been nothing short of absolutely amazing. I always feel important when I enter that small, white, boutique world of glittering diamonds that scream quality and high end workmanship. The jewellery at Pure Envy is lovingly crafted and obviously created by someone with flair and passion. When you wear one of their pieces, you know by the envious looks you receive, that you are wearing something unique and utterly gorgeous. They don’t call themselves Pure Envy for nothing. Anytime I pop in for a visit and sneaky peak, I am always guaranteed a laugh or two as I chat to Scott or Simone who always ask me how I am and how the family are. There is a genuine interest here, in you as a person and it puts you at ease and makes you want to stay and linger. It’s a truly lovely feeling. Good old fashioned service is not extinct.
    Not here anyway.

    Anelis Innocenti

    I had done well by picking the engagement ring solo – the wedding rings would require teamwork. Husbands will agree that wedding planning tasks vary in attraction for men: taste-testing wedding cakes ranks highly; clothes, flowers and jewellery are a challenge. Fortunately my wife had heard about Pure Envy. From the moment we entered the showroom we knew that there would be something for us… but what? Other jewellers had told us the “rules” of matching engagement and wedding rings. The staff at Pure Envy wanted to know what we were about.

    They listened to us. Then, after looking at my wife’s engagement ring they uttered the immortal words, “OK, I wonder if you’ve thought about something like this…” They created for us a perfect and unexpected match, and took care of it without us having to chase anything more up like so many other wedding details. Our wedding wasn’t about the rules, it was about two individuals going on an adventure hand in hand, and Pure Envy showed us that they understood.
    We’re still hand in hand, with two beautiful wedding rings to remind us of that fact every day!

    Ben Crisp

    “Wow factor”…

    “I wanted something different, special and unique that made a real statement about my style. Quality, craftsmanship and point of difference all featured in my decision, but the real decider was the wow factor combined with the amazingly friendly service we received from Pure Envy”.

    Paul and Rebecca, Blackwood

    “Budget suited perfectly”…

    “Four years ago I knew that when it came to having a family diamond made into our engagement ring, the only place I was to have it made was Pure Envy. Not because of where it is located, not because of the exclusive name, but by the jewellery inside the shop, and the customer service I received just walking through the door.

    “Last year I was with my mother when she had a ring designed by Scott and I was blown away with the final product. From this moment we felt confident in Pure Envyand did not contemplate looking anywhere else, or trusting anyone else with a family piece of jewellery. The jewellery made and designed at Pure Envy is truly unique and eye catching!

    “Not only was the customer service excellent from both Scott and Simone, the length of time spent designing our ring was never rushed. The focus was not just about the design. I felt by the end of the planning, Scott knew who I was as a person, therefore designing a ring that not only looked amazing, but suited my individual personality and needs. We are not wealthy people, but enjoy fine things in life, and Pure Envysuited our budget perfectly.

    “When it came time to picking up the ring, as Scott opened the box my jaw hit the table. I have never seen a ring as stunning as the one we now own. It simply took our breath away!

    “I would have no hesitation in recommending Pure Envy to anyone and will continue to have a relationship with the business for future purchases.

    “Thank you for making such a special experience so rewarding. You are a fine designer who clearly has a passion not only for making exquisite jewellery, but in making the process fulfilling as well. Well done”.

    Lu and Dion, Ceduna, SA

    “Helpful assistance – without the pressure”…

    “My engagement ring was bought in South Africa, and although I love my ring, I really wish my fiancé had done his shopping from Pure Envy. The assistance we received on both accounts was so helpful and professional, without being in our faces. The designs were different, classy, and trendy. We were very impressed with the service and design! Even more so when I got to collect my ring 2 weeks later (exactly as I had been promised), I thought I had a beautiful ring before but withPure Envy’s stunning rings and craftsmanship it was absolutely perfect and sparkly, just as I had always dreamed.

    “Thanks Pure Envy – I haven’t hesitated in recommending you to family and friends”.

    Craig and Kristy

    “She said yes!! Thank you for making such a gorgeous ring. It was such a wonderful experience! Thank you

    Adrian and Renee

    “You exceeded my expectations”.

    “Hi Scott

    I want to say a BIG thank-you for my gorgeous diamond ring. It’s absolutely beautiful.

    I’ve been getting compliments everywhere I go and honestly couldn’t be happier.

    You really exceeded my expectations and brought my wedding ring back to life.

    This is exactly what I was looking for.

    MANY MANY thanks to you and the team at Pure Envy”.

    Nas EvansMelbourne Vic

  • “Turning our vision into reality. You earned our respect”.

    Grace and Patrick, Melbourne

    highly recomended….

    Amy and Shane

    “Expectations exceeded”…

    “Thank you for an absolutely fantastic ring! It exceeded all my expectations!
    Both yourself and Cathy were a pleasure to deal with”.

    Bec Forsythe, IT


    “Pleased with quality and unique design”…

    “Thank you Scott and the team at Pure Envy for the design and manufacture of my wedding and engagement rings. The quality and unique design are superb.
    I couldn’t be happier. I really, really love it

    Kirsty Ellis

    Chris and Josephine

    “Brilliant. Thank you for the eternal memories”.

    Sharron and Royce, Seacliff Park

    “Thanks for your generosity and support. Thanks for the donation, we are very grateful”.

    Julian Burton, CEO, Julian Burton Burns Trust

    “Felt we were always in good hands”.

    Megan and Michael, Adelaide

    “Absolutely love my engagement ring. Highly recommended”.

    Alycia and Andrew, Unley

    Scott has designed & made our engagement ring, wedding bands & now…. an eternity ring….We traveled as far as Sydney to speak to designers/jewellers but were very impressed that the best idea’s & advise came from someone here in Adelaide. Scott was very easy to talk to and had great ideas & designs. We really trusted his judgment & advice, he seemed to know what he was talking about & was very honest.

    At one stage he was even trying to get us to spend less money (as if that was going to happen – but I appreciated the effort!).On our honeymoon we traveled to many parts of the world and had people from all walks of life comment on the designs, especially of my wedding ring, which made us feel very grateful that we decided to use Pure Envy to make them for us. I’ll never go anywhere else and have and will continue to recommend them to anyone I meet.

    Kent Sendy

    “Help with an idea”…

    “I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I am over the moon with my ring. It is the most beautiful present ever. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me figure out what I really wanted and make the most perfect ring for me. I will treasure it forever”.

    Michelle Ellis, Administration Officer, Broken Hill, NSW

    “Simplified the process”…

    “I popped the question last night and all went well. The ring was perfect in every way.
    Thank you again for your help, you made the process easy and enjoyable. We look forward to see you for the wedding rings”.

    Scott H, State Manager, SA

    “Practice manager impressed with uniqueness”…

    “Hi Scott, thank you for your professional help with the design of my engagement ring. After doing some shopping around I landed at your door by recommendation from a friend. Exhausted of running around to different jewellers, I was impressed with your design skills as I wanted something very different. I liked your direct and honest approach. Your fees were also in par with many of the different jewellery stores you find all over Adelaide. So thank you again for your assistance and creating my beautiful ring”.

    Ms. Martyna Urban, Practice Manager

    “Bride astounded by concept”…

    “We met Scott just over a year ago, when looking for an engagement ring that would be something special. We looked for a long time, considered solitaires, different cuts, and different metals. Scott’s rings were beautiful and demonstrated great craftsmanship but we still couldn’t find that perfect ring. We sat down with Scott and started drawing up ideas, a night to sleep on it and another meeting the following day and we had a design we really loved. When I finally presented it to my beautiful ‘bride to be’ she was astounded at how well he’d taken a concept and turned it into something better than she ever imagined. A year later we were back for wedding rings.

    “With such a unique engagement ring we worked hard to come up with a design to compliment it. Our initial ideas didn’t look like we had initially imagined. After a lot of meetings and idea sessions we came up with a design for two bands to sit either side of the engagement ring which we thought would be perfect featuring blue diamonds.

    “Scott also completed a beautiful pair of earrings to go with the ring. The bands were soldered to the engagement ring to hold their position. My ring took minutes to choose, one of Scott’s standard designs nice and simple. As a last minute thing we had Scott engrave an infinity symbol into each ring at our request”.

    Charles H

    “Senior associate praises Scott Anthony”…

    “After visiting a number of other Jewellery stores in the Eastern Suburbs, my fiancé and I were very disappointed about the poor level of service we had received. It was impossible to speak to someone that both knew what they were talking about and had the time to speak to us.

    “We were considering flying to Melbourne to get what we wanted. Our last point of call was at Pure Envy, which had been recommended to us. We met with Scott Anthony straight away and stayed for over an hour (on a Sunday evening). The perfect ring of unique design was made on time, as we wanted it, and the rest is history”.

    Ryan Thomas, Senior Associate

    “Pure Envy makes your idea a reality”.

    “Living in Melbourne amongst the overrated jewellers and many duplicate designs, I almost settled for a plain wedding band for my wife.

    After finding Pure Envy through a trusted source, I’m glad I did. Scott was very helpful, caring, and proved to be a skilled jeweller that truly understands how to make your idea a reality.

    My wife loves her ring and how it makes her feel.

    If you’re looking for a quality professional jeweller that’s exceptional, I highly recommend Pure Envy for your next valuable investment”.

    Abby KarimMelbourne Victoria

    “I’ll never go anywhere else and will continue to recommend them to anyone I meet”…

    “Scott has designed & made our engagement ring, wedding bands & now an eternity ring. We travelled as far as Sydney to speak to designers/jewellers, but were very impressed that the best ideas & advice came from someone here in Adelaide.

    “Scott was very easy to talk to and had great ideas & designs. We really trusted his judgment & advice. He seemed to know what he was talking about & was very honest. At one stage he was even trying to get us to spend ‘less’ money (as if that was going to happen, but I appreciated the effort).

    “On our honeymoon, we travelled to many parts of the world and had people from all walks of life comment on the designs, especially of my wedding ring, which made us feel very grateful that we used Pure Envy to make them for us. I’ll never go anywhere else and have and will continue to recommend them to anyone I meet”.

    Kent Sendy, KMS Finance Brokers

“Friends commenting on beautiful ring”…

“Hooray we’re engaged! But I didn’t propose with a diamond ring; I wanted to take my new fiancé shopping to find the ring that she would love. It was after all going to be on her finger for the rest of her life.

“So we set out week after week looking at rings from the cheapest to the most expensive retail outlets. From the available products, we had an idea of what we wanted but none of the shops had that fit. We almost decided to go to one retailer and remembered there was an upmarket jeweller on King William Road, Hyde Park.

“As we walked pass the shop it looked way too expensive for our budget. The diamonds and jewellery was very well presented. Well, can’t hurt to ask…

“While browsing, a young trendy dressed man came to our assistance. Trying to figure out whether he was really an employee or another casual customer, he greeted us. After a chat, he turned out to be none other than Scott Anthony, the owner and master designer of the shop.

“We told him our general ideas to see what he could present to us. After a short think, he walked over to a display cabinet and pulled out a ring.

“As we looked at the stunning piece, and put it on my fiancé’s finger, it not only incorporated our ideas, but also added facets and details that made the piece so captivating. And then the price. Bam! Came under budget and even beat the price of the quote we were going to decide with.

“We bought it, and today friends are commenting left, right, and centre on how beautiful and unique the ring is. Now for our wedding rings, we can’t wait to go back. It’s simply Pure Envy”.

Arthur Dilag