The perfect wedding rings
for the perfect day...


When it comes to that moment,
you want the perfect one...

When it comes time to say ‘I do’, the list of things to do seems never ending. But, as symbols of your commitment to each other, finding the perfect wedding rings is an important piece of the puzzle. Browse our range of Wedding Rings for him and her and rest easy with the knowledge that the symbol of your love is individually crafted just for you.

Wedding Rings

One of the most special pieces of your Wedding day is undeniably your Wedding Rings. Yes, it’s a special part of the day as you symbolise your marriage in your ceremony, but it’s also a symbol you’ll carry with you for many years to come as a reminder of this day, and one of the only elements you’ll get to keep from it too. It’s our job, to work with you to create Wedding Rings that you love to wear and can be proud of. It’s all about creating a ring you can look at and smile as a reminder of this special day and moment in your lives.

When it comes to Wedding Rings, we believe they should be as unique as you and your relationship. We don’t believe in Wedding sets or one ring that should automatically go with your Engagement Ring or should be chosen because they’re traditional, but rather exploring a range of different styles to find something you love.

For Ladies – whether you’re drawn to the sparkle of lots of diamonds, a simple row of them, a few set into another design or just a plain band. It’s all about creating a ring that works with your Engagement Ring. We never want to over power it, but want to create something that complements it whilst also adding the ‘missing piece’ to complete the pair. We’ll also chat with you about whether you think you might like to occasionally wear your Wedding ring on it’s own and make sure you love it this way too if it’s something you may do.

For Gents – your rings can be interesting too! If you’re after a simple, plain band, then absolutely go for it! But, there’s also lots of different options of designs with more than one metal or other detailing that can create a simple band with a point of difference, or a touch more interest. Don’t feel like you have to miss out on bling if you’re open to it either. It’s often worth a quick try and you’ll quickly see whether it’s something you love or not.

At the end of the day, our Wedding Ring appointments are all about sitting down together and having a bit of fun trying different styles and finding what works for you. Once you’ve looked at a few you’ll often find what you love becomes really apparent and it’s then our job to help create something you love. A symbol you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.