How you're going to
buy the ring of her dreams...


How you're going to
buy the ring of her dreams...

You’ve just taken the leap and are starting the process of buying an Engagement Ring. Whether you’ve got people on your back left right and centre with the ever so ‘subtle’, “so mate, when’s it your turn?”, or “what’s taking you so long” or the more crafty ones who are trying to trip you up by quizzing you on ring info that you wouldn’t know about before looking - we get you! If you’re one of the lucky ones who’ve made it this far without the hassling from nosy outside parties, there’s guys everywhere in envy of you.

This is arguably the most important thing you’ll ever gift your partner, something she’s been dreaming of forever and a symbol that will be representing your relationship, so it has to be perfect. It’s also one of the larger purchases you’ll make, so if you’re like most people we know, you want to know you’re getting it right and spending those hard earned dimes wisely. Her reaction when she sees it for the first time has to be everything you could’ve hoped for.

It can be pretty nerve-wrecking territory heading out on this process. How do you know what all of the jargon and sales-people lingo means, where on earth do you start with understanding diamonds, and how do you know what she likes? The good news is, we’re here for you. And we’re going to break it all down so that no matter how little jewellery buying experience you have, you’re going to feel like a pro! The best part, it’s going to be easy! Here’s how…

1. You know her better than anyone

As scary as it sounds, if you’re purchasing an Engagement Ring it generally means you know her better than anyone. And while this doesn’t seem like it’s relevant when purchasing jewellery and something you know very little about, it most definitely is!

Even though you might think you’ve got no clue what she’d like, once you look at a few designs you’ll soon realise you do.

Does she like something more classic and simple, or would she not get enough of the bling and something covered in diamonds? From here a good sales person can guide you through the designs and find the perfect one. Remember they’re there to help you and should support you through the process.

2. Diamonds can be confusing, but they're not scary

The internet can be an overwhelming mix of contradicting facts and complicated scientific sounding information that leaves you feeling like you’re back at school in a chemistry class trying to work out what the teacher is rambling on about. But, the reality is if you go about this in the right way - it can all be quite simple.

While it’s good to have a basic knowledge of diamonds, you should not and we repeat should not spend days trawling through the internet trying to become a diamond expert overnight. If you’re thinking ‘why? I’m going to spend a lot of money on this’, you’re certainly not alone. But, here’s the thing. This is only going to confuse you, stress you out, and leave you ending up with a process you detest because it’s so unenjoyable.

The reality is, those skilled with diamond knowledge have been studying and learning about these stones for years! Heck, our master jeweller has been doing it for more than 30! And the unfortunate fact is you just can’t learn this all in a weekend.

Get a basic understanding, but then find someone who knows how to get you value for your money and a beautiful looking diamond that is well BALANCED. You should be able to trust they’re doing the right thing by you and have confidence that they’ll make the best decision for you. Nobody wants to pay for a 1.00ct that looks like a 0.50ct, or end up with a milky looking diamond even though everything else checked out.

Look out for these extra elements that are outside the 4 C’s and remember that price is always reflective of quality. You get what you pay for, no exceptions.

3. Others have gone before you, and they've smashed it out of the park!

Independent reviews or informative posts/videos of guys that have headed down this road before you are your new best friend.

Find out directly how they did it, how they found where they went and what they’d do differently if they did it all again.

The old ‘if he did it, I can too’ is a great confidence booster here and who knows better than someone who has literally walked a mile in your shoes.

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