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When the time has come and you are ‘Serious’ about finding a gorgeous diamond engagement ring in Adelaide or Australia, there are many options to choose from.

Some people search online whilst others will journey from jeweller to jeweller comparing options. Engagement & wedding rings are on sale everywhere but with this opportunity comes many dangers.



Many rings have been produced to sell at a discounted prices using hollow designs and low grade diamonds, enhanced to appear better than they naturally are. These diamonds and rings often do not last.

We understand that buying and engagement ring can become a confusing process. Often because every jeweller says they are the best or can offer the ‘best deal’… and some diamonds can appear the same to the untrained eye.


If you ask yourself the simple question: Would you work for half price?… Neither do any jewellers, they just lower the Quality to match the price ‘and hope you don’t notice the difference‘.




Our Reputation is ‘Unique Designs and Quality Workmanship’ And We’ll Never Compromise.

It’s why people from around the world know and trust the Pure Envy Brand.


Is Searching Online A better Option?

Buying rings or diamonds online also comes with many problems and often creates confusion when comparing rings and diamonds based on the 4 c’s… as there is so much more to understand, and brittle golds and fractured diamonds are common place.

Most people do not realise that different qualities of gold, platinum and diamonds with a similar grading or description will still appear very different, even though the certificates describe a similar sounding quality.

Understanding the ‘balance’ is key.

Many online companies never show you the genuine image of the rings or diamonds you are comparing – and how could you even tell? Even  diamond grading certificate is not an exact science, but is a guide to a diamond’s appearance based on human opinion, But it’s grading can vary with different laboratories and graders…

Most mistakes made when buying diamonds or diamond engagement rings, is when people buy a cheaper imitation because it sounds the same as one they may like elsewhere.

Most people do not understand the true differences in quality or know what to look for… until it is too late.  Remember not all jewellers are equal.


Beware of imitations: A common practice used within the industry is when a sales person or jeweller suggests they can make the same design but for a cheaper price – Understand: it will never look the same as an original.  If they suggest you or they can find a diamond the same – for a better price – these are the first signs of low grade standards and disciplines coming into question.

Not every one has the same standards – and many replicas are simply poor imitations of fine designs gone wrong. When looking to buy an engagement ring in Adelaide, consider everything that Pure Envy has to offer.

At Pure Envy we never sell a diamond engagement ring unless we have made it and it’s passed or own stringent internal quality controls.

We are proud of our Quality, Reputation, Styles, Designs, Workmanship, Customer Service and Company Standards.

We will never compromise on quality and nor should you. After all, isn’t this ‘the Moment’ and the Ring you want to enjoy and remember for the rest of your lives.

If this is your Engagement ring, Wedding ring, Anniversary ring, Diamond ring or Custom made design, it should be every bit as breathtaking as you desire.

After all – This Is Your Moment… and We Love To Make It Everything You Want And More.



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