Designer Jeweller Scott Anthony

Award Winning  Designer Jewellers.

29 Years in the Making

Jewellery styles made to a standard and not down to a price.

Fresh, Innovative & Exciting.

“Expressing your individual style is important.”

We pride ourselves and our company on Designing and Creating Beautiful Commissions for many happy people.

Over 29 years learning, training, designing, experiencing and innovating unique designs for thousands of happy customers, we’ve found our niche and love to bring style and quality jewellery to life.

Australia has many great manufacturing jewellers and designers, and we’re proud to sit among them.

The skill that comes from mastering the Art of Style and Finesse, is what truly brings a design to life.

Scott Anthony Designer Jeweller,

Creator & Owner of Pure Envy Jewellery.

From day ONE, we have hired and trained jewellery apprentices in our own studio jewellery workshop. With great pride, each of our apprentices have individually won the Manufacturing Jeweller’s Apprentice of the Year Awards or Master’s Apprentice Award. Something we are naturally very proud of as we continue to build upon our standards of excellence.

Stone age

‘Did You Know…

Many jewellers don’t enjoy the stress or have the skills to comfortably set the Diamonds into jewellery securely.

 I wanted to Master this aspect of Diamond and Gem setting, so I call this part of my life

‘My Stone Age’,

…because in my early years I bought, studied and experienced every aspect of this art, and went on to set

… over 45,000 Diamonds and gemstones in the first 2 years.

29 years later I have lost count of how many I have set, but …

to this day, all Pure Envy Diamonds and Gemstones are set by our award winning  jewellers within the Pure Envy workshop.’ somethiong most jewellers use outside contractors for.

Fulfilling my dream of completely making our own designs is important  for two main reasons. Firstly, because it is a passion of ours helping others design and own, beautiful unique jewellery. And secondly, we love to create something that is Unique, which is why we custom make each of our styles for each and every customer.

We continue to strive to create stunning works of art, that many people who want and understand Quality.

Since our formation, we have seen and helped thousands of people throughout the world, experience the real rewards that quality jewellery has to offer, and would love to help you too…


Scott Anthony

Designer Jeweller