Emerald Cut Diamond Rings

emerald-cut-diamond-ring-with-baguette-diamonds-by-www. pureenvy.com.auEmerald Cut Diamond Rings.

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Don’t settle for low grade cheap designs that don’t last. When buying an Emerald Cut Diamond Ring, make absolutley sure the Diamond is certified and looks amazing under natural light and not just the showroom lights. Emerald cut Diamonds have less facets on each Diamond and allows the stepped cutting style to show right into the heart of the Diamond. Any major Inclusions or Flaws in the Diamond will be easily noticeable. More Scams to avoid can be found here…

Clean Lines and beautiful clear transparency is what makes the Emerald Cut Diamond so Inspiring.

The Stepped cutting style and the lines of perfection show what a true Emerald cut Diamond should look like from the top of the table right through to the base of the Diamond. This style of design allows your Emerald cut Diamond to show the geometric internal shapes of each facet and why it is loved by so many.

Emerald Cut Diamonds ….A truly breath taking Diamond.

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Emerald Cut Diamond with tapered shoulders on a fine rounded band. This style makes a classic Emerald Cut Diamond look sensational with the fine lines and narroeing shoulders. Each design is individually custom made to suit, you, your partner the ideal price range you love and the style which you fall in love with the most. emerald-cut-diamond-ring-fine-band-by-www.pureenvy.com.au