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Pure Envy Jewellery - Luke and Sam

‘Once we had our first date I was Smitten

How They Met…

Luke and I met when I was out celebrating my 28th birthday at the Tivoli Hotel. Luke was invited by our mutual friends as they were trying to set us up.

Whilst we exchanged phone numbers, it wasn’t love at first sight and our first date ended up being cancelled.

We did however, continue to message each other over the next couple of months and following a few wines with friends one night, I messaged Luke and proposed we actually go on a date.

Once we had our first date, I was smitten.

The Moment She Knew He Was The One

I knew Luke was the one when I told him I was moving to London to teach and travel and he didn’t run in the other direction but rather bought himself a ticket to visit me.

How He Asked…

Will You Marry Me?…

Luke had a book made, which goes through all the reasons why he loves me and the last page says ‘will you marry me.’

The proposal didn’t quite go to plan…

Luke hid the book in the bookcase and one Saturday morning I was putting a novel back and pulled out the proposal book.


I was over the moon and said YES!

Pure Envy Jewellery - Luke and Sam
Pure Envy Jewellery - Luke and Sam
Pure Envy Jewellery - Luke and Sam

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