Frequently Asked Questions…we’re here to help:

Get the Facts with our Faq page full of Customer Questions and our Answers.

01. Where should I start?

The safest way is to ‘BUY SMART’. Learn what to avoid so you don’t get caught in one of the many tricks of poor quality rings that are being sold today. Not all rings are the same! Image 1

02. How do I learn FAST?

One of the easiest way to start getting an idea, is to  ‘Touch and Feel’ the real difference between a quality ring and a low grade ring.. Let us show you the difference between good quality and low quality rings in real life. Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 3.55.53 pm It is why so many choose Pure Envy… for Honest, information. and real service, and not pushy sales staff. And the peace of mind of knowing that we make what we sell. See here Testimonials

03. How much should I spend?

Some suggest that you spend up to 3 months wages on an Engagement Ring. We believe you should spend Only what You are comfortable with. It’s all about You and what’s right for your situations and ambitions.

04. How can I get the best value for money?

Learn about different qualities before you buy anything. There are so many tricks and scams that many people fall for, so knowing what to look for is your biggest advantage. This is why we are here to help you. Pure-Envy -diamond-compared-to-cheap-low-grade-diamond We want you to get what you pay for and nothing less.

05. What does custom-made mean?

A ring that has been specifically made for you to suit everything you love. You might have seen a design somewhere or perhaps even like a combination of a few styles. As we are Designer Jewellers, you can sit down with us and together we design the perfect ring. Then, we bring it to life in our own studio workshop.   img5

06. How can rings that look the same, be priced so differently?

It’s all about the quality… Many are made Super THIN to save gold… BUT they bend easily.   Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 5.39.18 pm Cheap rings + cheap diamonds = cheap price and hidden problems… learn what to avoid here  

07. Why are other Jeweller’s always having discounts?

Buyers are often captivated by the bright lights, sparkle and perceived savings, and do not realise poor quality is what allows the jeweller to put the ring ‘on sale’. By producing rings that are hollow and thin, these jewellers are able to fool people into thinking they are getting a large discount on a quality product. In reality this ‘50% Discounted’ piece would never sell for the quoted ‘Original‘ price. Unfortunately, those who do not know who to turn to for advice or what to look for are always the ones who get ripped off. We help you in learning about what you pay for so you can have complete peace of mind.

08. How can I avoid poorly made ring Quality?

Ask these questions before buying: 1. Where was the piece of jewellery made? (was it bought in from a factory producing hundreds of the same style?) 2. Do the people ins tore actually make their rings THEMSELVES… or do they send some of their work out to off site contract jewellers or contractors including dimaond setting? 3. Can you talk personally with the actual manufacturing jeweller who has – or who will be – making yours? 4. Is it made with NEW gold or Remelted OLD re-used gold? 5. Is the Diamond certified by an Independent Diamond Laboratory? (it should be completely independant of the jewellery store!) 7. Does it come with an original copy of the diamond certificate? (it should!) 8.What happens if the ring cracks, splits or diamonds fall out? (are you protected by a warranty?)

09. What should I look out for?

Look out for signs of short cuts.

1. Is the base of the ring thin? 2. If you turn the ring upside down and look inside the top section: is it solid or has it been hollowed out? 3. Has the ring been made to look thick but is actually very light? Screen shot 2014-06-12 at 5.10.17 PM 4. Are both sides of the ring the same thickness? 5. Are any of the Diamonds crooked in the settings? 6. Are all the Diamonds the same colour? 7. Are the Diamonds still sparkling and bright when you cover them with one hand and away from the showroom lights? 8. Is the ring made by the person selling it to you or is it bought in from a supplier? 9. Does it come with an stamp on the inside of the ring identifying the carat of the ring metal? 10. Does the ring have a stamp on the inside of the ring showing which company actually made the ring? 11. Does it come with a full guarantee for quality and workmanship? 12. Has the main diamond been thoroughly inspected by an independent Diamond grading laboratory and come with the certificate to prove it’s quality. 13. If being sold with a ‘Valuation’: Has this valuation been carried out by an independent “valuer” and not someone working for the company selling the items? As per http://www.accc.gov.au/

10. What does mass produced mean?

Mass produced means it has been made in a factory overseas in a production line. Screen shot 2014-06-14 at 4.51.59 PM It often means they have made hundreds of the same design with the intention of selling for the lowest price possible.

11. What problems often occur with mass-produced rings?

1. Rings are low quality due to the design being made in large numbers with a focus on quantity. 2. They are made thin, hollow and lightweight causing endless problems with repairs or making them impossible. 3. Many have diamonds fall out from their settings. 4. Often, they are made with overheated gold or platinum, which cracks and can dis-colour over time. 5. The Diamonds are of inconsistent quality and colours, not polished properly or may be set CROOKED. Screen Shot 2014-07-04 at 2.47.42 pm 6. Sometimes diamonds are ‘burnt’ or are ‘Heat treated’  disguised as genuine natural diamonds. 7. They come with a sales service and backup warranty that requires your ring being sent back overseas to be repaired or replaced taking 6 to 12 weeks at times.

12. How do I find out her ring size?

The easiest way to find out her ring size is to bring one of her rings into us so we can measure it. BUT, we understand doing this would often spoil the surprise or getting here can be difficult. Alternatively, you can purchase a measuring kit, which will allow you to measure her ring size yourself.

13. What do I do if it doesn’t fit her/can she have it resized in the future?

If the ring doesn’t fit, this is not a problem. Simply bring it back to us and we can resize it for you. People’s hands naturally change over time so it is also not a problem for her to get it resized in the future. We pride ourselves on making our rings thicker and stronger which allows us to resize your rings whenever you may need.

14. How does a proposal ring work?

A Proposal Ring ensures that she gets exactly the ring that she loves, and as an added bonus, takes the pressure off of you! Simply come in store and select on of our proposal rings. Then, after you’ve popped the question and gotten the big “yes!”, come back in and see us. We sit down with you and your new fiance and design her ring, exactly the way she wants it! Then, we simply take the cost of the proposal ring off the price! Learn more about Proposal rings here

15. Will a Wedding Ring fit next to every Engagement Ring without being shaped to fit?

Yes! Well, it should! It astounds us when we see Engagement Rings (even made by some of the biggest names) that will not allow a wedding ring to fit next to it. No one likes to have a part of their precious wedding ring cut out to fit around their Engagement Ring because of poor design. This is something we keep in mind throughout the whole design process, creating all of our rings specifically with this in mind.

16. How far in advance should I come in to design my ring?

We suggest coming in to see us a month before you are looking to pick up your ring – just to be safe! This doesn’t mean we can’t get it done by the deadline if you come in with a bit less time!

17. Do I need an appointment?

Having an appointment guarantees that we are free to sit down with you whenever you may choose to come in. But, it is not crucial. You are more than welcome to drop into our showroom to see us at any time.

18. Does it cost to make an appointment/get a quote?

No! You do not pay a cent until you have actually decided on something you love!

19. How long does it take to make a ring?

Most rings are complete in approximately two to four weeks. Some of our designs can be made in a matter of days using our express service, and we’ve made some rings in as little as 24 hours. You can also select from our showroom designs on display that you can take home today.

20. Is custom-made more expensive than off the shelf?

Definitely not! We make all our designs, including those that you see on the shelf. This means that there is no extra cost to have your design custom-made as all our rings are made with exactly the same care and expertise.

21. Should I design/purchase my Wedding and Engagement Ring together?

Some people purchase both their Engagement and Wedding Rings together simply because they find a combination they love. But, if you don’t have your heart set on something you love, it is not necessarily something we suggest. Often your taste will change after wearing your Engagement Ring for a while and you may discover that you like different designs and would like these to sit next to it and create a different look. It just comes down to what you would personally prefer.

22. Can all rings be resized?

All of our rings, Yes! Many rings made to sell cheaply are simply too thin to be resized. All of our rings are created stronger and thicker to allow for resizing and any adjustment you may need over the years.

23. What maintenance does jewellery need?

The materials found in Jewellery naturally wear over time. We recommend return a proper clean, safety inspection and rejuvenation treatment every 6 months. This will help avoid any problems that may lead to major work should damage occur and be left unchecked. We also take care of you and offer our complimentary annual ‘Pure Envy Spa Treatment’.

24. What happens if my ring gets damaged?

As we custom make and design all of our rings we can easily repair any damage your ring might encounter through every day wear and tear. Should something drastic happen (like you lose your ring) we also keep record of your personal design so that we can make your ring exactly to its former glory.

25. Should I get my ring insured?

We definitely recommend that you do. This gives you absolute piece of mind that no matter what should happen to your ring you are completely covered. Losing your ring causes enough emotional distress due to its sentimental value and it should not cause you financial distress too. We advise all of our customers to insure their jewellery with Q Report, as it allows them to come back to us and get exactly what they paid for the first time should anything happen to their jewellery. The last thing you want is to have to settle for less quality simply because the insurance company wants you to go with the cheapest quote.

26. What makes you different from other stores?

Pure Envy specialises in creating beautiful pieces of jewellery.

We do things that other Jewellers believe cannot be done and we love to stretch the boundaries of contemporary design. This reason alone is why we love to work with great customers and make them quality rings. Our customers understand that you get what you pay for. Head Designer Jeweller, Scott Anthony is a prominent and fully qualified manufacturing Jeweller. He actually designs and creates our jewellery hands on. This is comparable to many other ‘jewellers’ who are not trained, qualified, nor capable of making your jewellery. These ‘jewellers’ buy in jewellery from factories or contractors and then simple resell it to you. Here at Pure Envy, Scott Anthony oversees the quality of all jewellery before its completion and enjoys training his award winning Jewellers in his style of design and quality.

27. Why should we come to Pure Envy when other jewellers say that make the same design, but cheaper?

It’s about Quality & Design. The way we complete our techniques and contour each element, sets our designs apart. In simple terms, the way we design and manufacture our rings is the secret. Our designs are created by us, made by us in our own workshop and displayed in the way we feel best shows their true beauty. We welcome you to our showroom as our guests and naturally believe you should feel welcome when making such important decisions. Our website, marketing and showroom are a visual testimony of the pride and style we display in all our products.

28. What is the best deal you can do?

We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and this means that we don’t implement any scams. This means we can’t drop the price just so you feel like you are getting a better deal. The price we tell you is really the best price we can give you. We don’t play games and give you low quality products just so you can get some discount like others do.

29. Do you have a payment options?

Yes, we offer the Pure Envy Payment options of Direct bank transfers and deposits, Visa and Master cards.  This allows you to buy her exactly what she wants and making it easy and enjoyable for you too. 

30. How are your rings made?

We use a wide range of techniques to create our designs, and each of our designs are custom made to suit the individual style requirements of each person. As we specialise in design and manufacturing, we have the equipment, training and skill set to bring the most amazing designs and ideas to life. Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 9.52.38 am

31. Do you make it yourselves?

Yes! You can even speak to the jeweller who will make your personal design. Unlike many others who say they make your pieces, when we say we do….we mean it!

32. Do you make it here?

Yes! Our studio workshop really is the heart of Pure Envy and where everything comes to life. We have our own in-house award winning jewellers and craftsmen who create all Pure Envy Designs. Diamond and gem stone setting is an additional specialty of ours, that most other jewellers don’t have. We complete all of our own setting in house and don’t rely on others to complete our work.

33. Can you custom make a design we have in mind?

Yes. We can work with your design to create the style that is just right for you. In fact, this forms a very large part of our design team’s role. pure-envy-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring

34. Can we talk to an expert who actually knows what they are selling?

Yes! Our friendly and professional showroom team has been specifically hand selected to represent what we do and how we do it. They themselves will experience the manufacturing process of your ring or jewellery ‘first hand’ and/or are manufacturing jewellers. They are interactively involved with all discussions about your ring in order to captivate your personality, style elements, and the design features that have been discussed with you.

35. Where are your Diamonds from?

Our Diamonds are sourced from around the world, including Australia. We only buy our diamonds from reputable sources and each diamond is guaranteed to be conflict free.

36. Do you use certified Diamonds?

Yes! Our diamonds are independently certified by the world’s foremost gemology lab, GIA. You are then provided with this certificate, for the ultimate security and peace of mind.

37. What if a stone comes loose?

Rings come into contact with many different surfaces every day, so overtime, this can sometimes happen. Simply bring it to us immediately so we can inspect it, check for any other damage or wear, investigate the cause and provide a solution. image7

38. Do you provide a warranty or guarantee?

Sure! we provide a

  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Pure Sparkle Guarantee. Your diamonds are the Centre Piece of your ring and to honour our commitment of jewellery being enjoyed for a lifetime, every 12 months Pure Envy will give your investment the full Pure Envy Spa Treatment. Your ring will be gently cleaned and polished back to its original brilliance to ensure your delight in the beauty of your ring will continue for many years to come.
  • Lifetime workmanship guarantee

39. Do you offer free cleaning?

Yes. We want your ring to look as sparkling and beautiful as you do. As part of our service, free cleaning is available to you at any time and usually only takes a few minutes. We also offer you the complete Pure Envy Spa treatment to you every year, so you can have confidence in knowing you can come in for a complimentary clean, polish and safety inspection. You will leave with your ring as sparkling as the first day you took it home.

40. Do you offer free safety inspections?

Yes. We inspect for wear and tear and provide a full safety inspection during our annual Pure Envy Spa Treatment. However, you can bring your ring in for cleaning and safety inspections at any time. We are more than happy to check any areas you may think need our expert advice on.

41. Can you remodel a ring we already have?

Yes! We are actually doing remodels for customers more than ever before. Mainly because many people fall for some of the low quality scams by other jewellers and then realise they didn’t get what they paid for.

43. What is the best Diamond to buy?

The best diamond for you to buy is simply the one that you love the most. Many people look at charts and websites to learn what seems to be the logical choice. There is much more to know about Diamonds than just the 4C’s and Diamond grading. And these charts and systems are really just a guide. Screen shot 2014-05-16 at 3.45.50 PM Ultimately, you want to invest in the best balance of quality and size which suits what you are prepared to pay for. It can be quite a confusing decision, so at Pure Envy we help you to learn why two diamonds that may look the same have very different values.

44. Can We Supply Our Own Diamond?

Yes you can but be warned. Not all dimonds found online and bought from various ‘outlets’ actually sell you what you belive you are buying. If you have the Sarin microscopes and tools to fully inspect the diamond, you may be joining those who have also been scammed into buying flaseor low grade diamonds. Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 2.37.59 pm

45. A Diamond Certificate with my Online Diamond, Is this enough?

As we warn many others, we have seen many diamonds bought online and ‘On Sale’ and the certificate does not match the diamond. When taking the diamond back to the supplier or making a complaint to the online company, they are left with the problem of the seller simply claiming it is not the diamond they sent or sold you. When this happens as it has to others, you have no way of proving otherwise, and are left with an inferior diamond. Beware!  images and video of diamonds being sold online are often used for various diamonds and are not always what you receive. Certificates and receipts are not always enough.

46. What is a ‘Re~Stocking FEE ?

When a ring or diamond is purchased online and is returned, the company often has buried in it’s paperwork that you have to pay a ‘Re-stocking Fee’ which simply means they can charge you from 15 – 40% of the original purchase price to send it back.   Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 5.19.48 pm So they keep and YOU lose from 15 – 40% of your refunded money.

47. Do You Guarantee we receive what you claim.

Absolutely! Every ring we design and create comes complete with Authenticity certificate and receipts and independent diamond grading certificates. Fully backed up by our Lifetime workmanship Guarantees.

48. How can we trust you over other jewellers.

Simply because we would rather NOT sell you a ring if you are only interested in finding the cheapest price and have no interest in understanding all the tricks and scams that traps so many others in your situation. Scott Anthony People only come to us when they want honest advice and reliable and ethical Designer Jewellers who DO make it themselves and don’t send your jewellery to be made by other contract jewellers whom you will never meet. We design and discuss everything with you then we create everything you have ordered from us. It is Australian made and Australian owned. … And owner and creator Scott Anthony backs up everything he says and sells and has a reputation for open, honest and HANDS ON Experience as a fully qualified manufacturing jeweller himself.

49. Why do two Diamonds that have the same grading, have different pricing?

No two Diamonds are equal. Even 2 Diamonds that may have the same cut, colour, and clarity might not actually look the same and reflect light in the same manner. As the grade of a diamond is given through a series of measurements with different variables and is a merely a scale. Two stones will still look different even if they read exactly the same on the certificate.

50. Can Diamonds break?

Yes. Although they are the hardest mineral known to man, they still can chip and crack. This is why understanding quality is so important. Low Quality Diamonds crack and chip a lot easier than diamonds of higher quality. Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 5.41.41 pm People often become very frustrated when they realise they have been misled after their diamond cracks easily. See what happens to some people  (see point 6) here 

51. What does Carat mean?

Carat relates to the weight of the diamond or diamonds. A larger Diamond is rarer than smaller diamonds simply because small diamonds are found more often. A large diamond may way 1.00 carat, but 10 small diamonds may also have a combined weight of 1.00 carat. The larger the diamond the rarer it is and therefore, the more expensive.

52. Is it a good idea to get my own Diamond?

Sometimes it can be BUT beware that it is very risky. Many people get tricked into thinking they have found a good deal on a diamond and are left upset and frustrated later. Many jewellers will not cover your own stone under their insurance when working with it for you…and this is due to the low quality of diamonds people often buy. This means that jewellers have to raise the price of making your ring to cover themselves in case something goes wrong with your stone. You are much safer putting your trust in a high quality jeweller you will help you in selecting one of their diamonds. This way you are guaranteed a beautiful diamond and still get all the perks, insurance and guarantees.

53. Why should I get a Natural Diamond vs Fake/Man-Made Diamond?

Natural Diamonds are millions of years old and each contain a structural fingerprint though its creation over millions of years. This means that every natural diamond is unique and its rarity is why people throughout the world treasure these natural gemstones so highly. There is really no comparison between these diamonds and imitation stones that are stamped out by a machine in a factory and sold in a supermarket.

54. What are ‘Blood Diamonds’?

Blood Diamonds or Conflict Diamonds are those sold in order to fund armed conflict and civil war. At no time does Pure Envy ever knowingly sell or use conflict diamonds.

55. What is the Kimberley process?

The Kimberly Process is an international governmental certification scheme set up to prevent the trade in diamonds that fund conflict. The Kimberley Process was endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and launched in January 2003. For more information about conflict free diamonds, please visit http://www.diamondfacts.org

56. What is Titanium?

Titanium is a hypoallergenic dark grey metal. It is light weight and super strong. It is used in sporting equipment and space shuttles. It’s rare nature and durable characteristics make it a formidable metal to make rings from. It is the perfect combination metal for the man looking for robust strength and individual style. For these reasons we have perfected the art of working with and mastering Titanium , where many other jewellers avoid it. Answers to some common Questions about Titanium: 1. Can you resize it ? Yes we can. 2.  Can you engrave it? Yes we can. 3. Can you polish it? Yes we can. 4. Can you add a texture to its surface? Yes we can. 5. Can you set diamonds into it? Yes we can. 6. Can it be used with other metals in the same ring? Yes we can. Many Jewellers avoid Titanium as it can be very difficult to master so we are proud to say it is one of our specialties. Talk to us today and let us show you how we continue to create designs that push the boundaries of what can be custom made to suit You.