Gold Engagement Rings

Gold Engagement Rings

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Gold Engagement Rings

The most traditional of all and definitely making a comeback – Gold Engagement Rings, or as they’re technically known Yellow Gold Engagement Rings. Why the technical name? Well, we can’t forget there is also White and Rose Gold’s too!

If we’re focusing just on ‘Gold Engagement Rings’, or ‘Yellow Gold Engagement Rings’ – it was something that initially all Engagement Rings were made from. Both this and the Wedding Ring were generally always in Yellow Gold, but in more recent times people have really been free to choose what they love rather than what’s expected and that means White and Rose Gold have really risen in popularity.

No matter what colour Gold if your favourite – generally we all have one and that means that if you know your partner wears mainly Yellow Gold, is very traditional or has just hinted that they’d like their Engagement Ring to be Yellow Gold then it’s definitely wise to follow this.

Normally, we do recommend that the setting holding your Diamond is White Gold (it makes the Diamond look better), but from here the world is your oyster. You absolutely can not get more classic than a Yellow Gold Solitaire – a single Diamond with a plain band. But, adding other touches of bling such as in a surrounding halo or in the band can look amazing too.

It’s easier than you think to get an idea of the design you love and then it’s simply about tailoring to suit you and your price range. Because we create all of our rings on-site, it’s all about talking through the different options and then creating something that will truly suit you and your dream ring.

For all Gold Engagement Rings, we recommend using 18ct (18 carat) and we also use the highest Quality 18ct Gold available on the market (no, they’re not all the same!). Pure Gold is 24ct but this is much too soft to use in a ring and whilst we use 9ct Gold for some of our Dress Ring designs, you simply cannot go past 18ct when it comes to stone security and this is paramount. Some jewellers will choose to use other compositions such as 14ct, but a high Quality 18ct is the best on the market when it comes to Quality Engagement Rings and because of this we just won’t use anything else!

If you’re not quite sure which Gold is your partners favourite, it’s a good idea to have a look at some other jewellery they wear or even other jewellery they admire – whether friends or in images. If you’re still not sure – White Gold is the most common choice in modern times, but Yellow is the more traditional and this differentiation may be enough to point you in one direction or another.