Oval with Tulip Side Settings

A Modern Twist

With classic Diamond shapes in a modern design, this one is perfect for those who are after something simple and stylish with a twist.

With an Oval Diamond in the centre and as the feature of this style, this design has all the length, sparkle and bang for buck we love about this shape.

But, unlike many other styles its unique element actually comes from the small Diamonds either side that are set in tulip style settings.

We love that design is classic and timeless with very traditional Diamond shapes but, when you look closer it has modern elements that take it to a new dimension and set it apart.

This design can be created with the Diamond size to suit your price range and in the gold colour of your choice (White, Rose, Yellow or Platinum).

You can also feature a Natural or Lab Diamond as the centre.


  • Oval centre – one of our favourite shapes due to its presence on the finger, sparkle and elongation on the finger
  • Modern twist on classic shapes – while this Trilogy features very classic shapes, it is a modern style that you won’t see everywhere
  • Details – the true beauty of this design is in the setting of the Diamonds either side with tulip detailing. We love that it’s the true attention to detail and craftsmanship that really set this design apart.


  • We make every ring for each client in our on-site Studio workshop here in Adelaide (the very same location where you can have an appointment with our team).
  • This means:
    • We can make your ring to suit your ideal price range (from $4k upward)
    • Your ring can be in White, Rose or Yellow Gold, or Platinum
    • We can use Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds or coloured gemstones
    • If you like part of one design, and part of another we can combine them (or use a different Diamond shape etc).
    • Your ring has been made especially for your partner, not pulled out of a cabinet or off a shelf (no – this doesn’t mean more expensive)
    • We have total control over every step of the process so we can be sure of the end products Quality.
    • Nothing will be lost in communication or translation by being outsourced. Start to finish everything happens here by our small team.