Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Pear Cut Engagement Rings

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Pear Cut Engagement Rings

Pear Cut Engagement Rings would have to be some of our favourites! The Pear Shape, or tear-drop as it is commonly referred, is a classic Diamond shape with the sparkle you love and a touch of difference.

While we love Pear Cut Diamonds for their shape, classy-ness and traditional feel, one of the things we appreciate most about them is also their additional size. Because of their elongated shape and point, Pear Diamonds will often look larger than another Diamond shape of the same size which means they’re great value for money. The other bonus is that the shape will elongate your finger and look amazing on your hand too!

When it comes to Pear Cut Engagement Rings, there’s many amazing design options. If you love ultra-classic options and something simple, you can’t go past a Pear Diamond Solitaire. We particularly loved them paired with a knife-edge band – it’s a combination that is truly timeless.

For those who love sparkle however, a halo of Round Brilliant Diamonds around your Pear Shape is sure to make it pop. Surrounding Diamonds in a halo truly brings life to the Pear and will highlight its unique shape too. Depending on your personal preference in terms of level of sparkle, you can also add more Diamonds into the band creating a ring that is all about the bling.

Something a bit different though, is the use of Tapered Baguettes either side of your Pear Diamond in a Trilogy. The mix of Diamond shapes looks amazing and is great for those who’d like a little more sparkle than a Pear Solitaire, but find halo’s a little too much for their personal taste.

If you’re someone who loves Pear Cut Engagement Rings, but hasn’t quite been able to find one they love, you may also consider using the Pear Diamonds as side stones in a Trilogy design with a different shape in the centre. This looks particularly striking with a Round or Oval Diamond in the middle and is a great way to incorporate Pear Diamonds without necessarily making them the star of the show.

Whether your partner has mentioned they love Pear Diamonds, or you love them personally, they’re a beautiful Engagement Ring choice no matter the style. Their timeless shape combined with the classic sparkle makes a Pear Diamond a clear winner. The extra size on your finger is just a bonus too!

pear cut engagement ring
pear cut diamond engagement ring