The Pear Shape Solitaire

Classic Meets Unique

When you’re after a Classic and Traditional feel with a twist, look no further than the Pear Shape Solitaire.

Featuring a single Pear Shape Diamond, widely known as the tear drop, this design is a simple classic reserved for those who aren’t afraid to be a little different.

While the Pear Shape Diamond has the classic Diamond sparkle we know and love and this Solitaire design of one stone is very minimalistic, the shape of the Pear makes this design a unique choice.

It’s a design that’s classic, but one you also won’t see as much as it’s Round and Oval counterparts, making it the perfect choice for someone who is timeless, but also not afraid to show their style and be a little different too.

This design can be created with the Diamond size to suit your price range and in the gold colour of your choice (White, Rose, Yellow or Platinum).

You can also feature a Natural or Lab Diamond as the centre.


  • Bang for buck! A Pear Shape Diamond is without a doubt one of the best value for money stones. The way this shape is Cut gives you maximum spread and size on the finger, making it a very impactful choice (and great value for money too).
  • A Classic with a twist – traditional Diamond sparkle and a traditionally simple Solitaire (single stone) style, but featuring a unique shape.
  • Elongates the finger! The Pear or Tear drop shape looks amazing on the hand.


  • We make every ring for each client in our on-site Studio workshop here in Adelaide (the very same location where you can have an appointment with our team).
  • This means:
    • We can make your ring to suit your ideal price range (from $4k upward)
    • Your ring can be in White, Rose or Yellow Gold, or Platinum
    • We can use Natural Diamonds, Lab Grown Diamonds or coloured gemstones
    • If you like part of one design, and part of another we can combine them (or use a different Diamond shape etc).
    • Your ring has been made especially for your partner, not pulled out of a cabinet or off a shelf (no – this doesn’t mean more expensive)
    • We have total control over every step of the process so we can be sure of the end products Quality.
    • Nothing will be lost in communication or translation by being outsourced. Start to finish everything happens here by our small team.