The perfect way to say
'Will You Marry Me?'


The perfect way to say
'Will You Marry Me?'

You’re going for it. You’re about to ask a very special question that will (fingers crossed) be the start of your lives together. But, before you say ‘Will you Marry me?’ you’ve got to think about just how you might do this and if you’re like a lot of people this can be a little overwhelming. Here’s our guide on some top proposal ideas that will have your partner (and everyone else) swooning when you relay just exactly how the big moment unfolded (and trust us, you’re going to tell this story a hundred times!)

The most important thing (and we can’t stress this enough) is that you need to think about your partner (and your relationship) and make sure your proposal reflects this. As much as our top idea (kudos to us) about proposing at the top of a mountain after a hike (cool, huh?) might sound pretty brilliant, if your partner hates the outdoors and exercise then this probably isn’t going to set her world on fire.

So, while this guide is absolutely here to serve as a little angel on your shoulder giving you some inspo and lightbulb moments on how to pull off the proposal of the century, we also don’t advise getting too carried away and losing what this moment is really all about. Keep this front of mind and you’ll be onto a winner!

1. Private vs public

Regardless of how you end up asking the ultimate question, this is going to come into it some way or another (and it’s a big one in getting it just right). Whether your partner (and you) are into a public or private proposal is a personal one, but we can absolutely guarantee they have a preference!

From our experience, private proposals are a lot more popular with most people, but those who would love a public one - well they’d REALLY love a public one. Your partner’s personality will say a lot about which will be better here.

If they’re the type to get a little awkward at Christmas gift giving in front of family and friends, and are generally a lot more mushy and emotional with you in private than in front of the masses then a proposal that isn’t in front of a hundred random strangers is probably going to be a bit more their style.

In the same way, if your partner is very close with her family or a few friends and you think this might add a nice touch to your proposal, you might consider involving them in it somehow. Either way, take a moment to think about which category they’d fall into and make sure you incorporate this into whatever you decide to do.

2. Off-limits

If you can get a little creative and pull it off, this one will have all of those romance movie feels the ladies love. You know, like the scenes where they get onto the baseball pitch when there’s nobody around.

Basically, put your thinking cap on and consider proposing in a place that you usually wouldn’t be able to get to.

Think big, small, local, whatever your style. Anything that’s usually considered to be ‘off-limits’ is all the more exciting and also shows just how much thought and effort you’ve gone to to get this just right.

3. Written in the sand

It wouldn’t be Australian of us if we didn’t at least mention this one. With the ocean on your side (and probably a pretty epic sunset) it’s kind of hard for a beach proposal not to be spectacular, especially if you spend a lot of time there with your partner.

You can still get creative (and maybe even a bit decorative) with this one and add a personal touch to it with something like a message in the sand, or a private picnic. Or maybe, you just take pretty awesome walks on the beach with your dog and there’s nothing more ‘you’ than this. That’s pretty perfect too!

4. A step back in time

Now depending on your individual relationship, this idea will either be super cute or a definite no. But, consider maybe taking a step back in time and incorporating the place or the way you met into your proposal.

If you met at a really cool bar or an exotic location this might be kind of cool, but if you saw your one and only for the first time across the dance floor at a local nightclub it’s maybe not quite as sweet (or as fitting).

5. Dating days

Like the above, this one is also either going to work or be a total flop. But, it’s worth thinking about where you had your first date (or maybe it’s your first anniversary instead).

Regardless of the occasion, a place that holds particular significance to your individual relationship can be a great sentiment in the start of your next chapter.

6. Family ties

If your partner is a family kind of gal and loves a bit of a link to the past this can be a great one. It’s maybe also relevant if one of her parents is no longer around or the like.

Consider getting inspiration from her parents (or grandparents if relevant) engagement story, where they got engaged or maybe even where they were married.

Or maybe, there’s a location she loved as a child that holds a lot of sentiment or somewhere she used to play dress ups and dream of her wedding as a kid. If any of this is setting off lightbulb moments in your head we’re pretty sure this is gonna be the sweetest proposal ever, and you my friend - are going to be a star!

7. All in the view

There is nothing better, and may we repeat, nothing better, than a spectacular backdrop. This applies not only to proposals, but to dinner, a lazy sunday afternoon, and an office.

You name it, it is better with a view and don’t even try to argue with us on this.

Whether it’s snowy mountains, a golden sunset, hills and valleys, a vineyard, a dazzling city or a quirky bar - the location has to be you and set the tone, then let the view do the rest.

8. Take it to new heights

This one kind of follows on from the view above because there’s not much that’s high that doesn’t also involve a view, but consider getting off the ground for your special moment.

Whether it’s the Sydney Harbour bridge, the Eiffel tour, the top of a mountain, a balcony or a hot air balloon (the list goes on and on) there’s just something about getting your feet off the ground that’s pretty magical. And magic and proposals, well they go hand in hand don’t they.

9. Get mysterious

You could say your inspiration for this proposal was their love for Cluedo, but somehow we don’t think that the sentiment of a murder mystery game is really the right angle for adding some mystery to the big question (unless they’re into this of course - in which case, go for it).

We promise, as much as she says she hates surprises, she’ll forgive you when she gets to the end of this one!

Whether it’s a riddle, a full blown scavenger hunt, a mystery location or something so mysterious we couldn’t even mention it in this blog post - there’s just something about the unknown that fills any adventure with excitement.

10. Loud and proud

We’ve even heard of airplane proposals over the PA, movie re-enactments, if you can think it you can bet someone’s done it - and if they haven’t then you can be the first! Nothing will show your confidence more than literally shouting it from the rooftops.

Remember there’s potential to go big here with flash mobs, bands, drive in screens, or literally writing it in the sky.

If you’ve opted for the public proposal, there’s some pretty cool (and loud) ways you can pop the question.

The truth is there’s literally thousands of different ways you can ask your one and only ‘Will you Marry Me?’ and there’s nobody better to work out the perfect way to do so than you. Sometimes something very simple is best and more you, and sometimes something more elaborate is the perfect answer. Either way, as long as you show some care and thought in how you pop the question it will be the perfect start to your next chapter together.

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