The perfect diamond proposal ring
to ask that special question...


The perfect ring
to ask that special question...

If you’re like a lot of guys we speak to, you may be feeling a little stuck when it comes to choosing an engagement ring.

If you want to feel confident and 100% sure she will love her ring the very first time she sees it, it can feel overwhelming and sometimes even stressful when you’re just not sure how to get it right.

Well it’s time to breathe a sign of relief because we’ve got the ultimate solution.

Imagine being able to propose with a plain diamond ring (so she doesn’t look at it and think it’s the real deal) and then looking at engagement rings together.

Takes all the stress out, right?

Welcome to the Pure Envy Proposal Ring.

Simply choose White, Rose or Yellow Gold and we’ll have it ready for you to collect directly from our STUDIO in Gilles Street.

(If you’d like it posted to you, you can contact us directly to organise).

It only sets you back $500 and this is then deducted from the price of your Engagement Ring*.

The experience of creating your engagement ring in your exclusive appointment with us is like no other. Enjoying this together can be even more special.

But, here’s the real winning part…

When you purchase your Proposal Ring – we’ll reach out to you directly for a chat.

So, that when the time comes for you to come and create her dream ring together, we know exactly how you’d like your time with us to play out.

Want to keep pricing a secret?
No problem – we’ll talk through options that fit her price range without her ever knowing.

Want to surprise her with the appointment?
Too easy! Bubbles will be waiting for you!

You get the picture…we’re here to help make this the perfect experience for you both.

You can have a stress-free proposal and she gets her dream ring! What are you waiting for?

Please Note: We create all Proposal Rings in a standard Finger Size which can then be adjusted after you propose.

Select Gold Colour:

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Proposal Rings

You’ve decided you’re ready to propose and ask that special someone to marry you. Now what? If you’re like most people, you might be feeling a bit panicked about being able to choose not just any ring, but the perfect ring, to ask that all important question. It’s so common to feel a bit nervous, and maybe even a little bit overwhelmed when entering the world of Engagement Rings. Everything is new, it can seem like a different language and that’s not to mention the fact that you’ve just got no idea where to even begin in finding a ring they’ll like, let alone love. Well, you’re in luck…we’re here to introduce you to a little secret (and the solution to all your problems)…Proposal Rings!

If you’re wondering what on earth Proposal Rings are, then you’re not alone. But, as the name suggests they’re a handy tool to ensuring the perfect proposal and the perfect ring! A proposal ring is a simple ring that you can use to propose to your significant other, all whilst keeping that romantic surprise element of your Engagement, but then allow you to choose the Engagement Ring together. Put simply, it means you can give them the proposal and the ring of their dreams, without spending a single second worrying that the ring you choose will be wrong…because you can later choose that special piece they’ll wear for years to come, together!

So, how does it work? Great question! We’ll create a proposal ring for your special moment in the Gold colour of your choice – either White, Rose or Yellow. This is a plain band set with five small Diamonds for a touch of sparkle. We take a $500 payment for the proposal ring, you can then go and do your thing, and then when you come back in together (and newly engaged!) we take the $500 off the price of the ring you design! So yes, the proposal ring ends up being free and is just an additional momento they can keep to remind them of that special moment where you said “will you marry me?” whilst they get to enjoy the ring of their dreams you’ve chosen together.

The even better part is that not only do Proposal Rings make the entire process easy, stress-free and ensure their dream ring, they also allow you to enjoy the process of creating and designing the Engagement Ring together. An experience your partner would otherwise miss out on, and one that becomes even more enjoyable for you as you experience it together.