The Perfect Diamond

Millions Of Years In The Making

Hidden beneath the Earth’s surface, being formed over millions of years and just waiting to be unearthed.

Pure Envy Diamond,

Hand selecting Beautiful Diamonds

Individual Selection for each precious Diamond,by hand. No Machine, No factory, just hands on dedicated expert eyes matching and seleecting each and every Diamond.

So your piece is as Spectacular as can be…

  • Happy lady,

  • Over 30 Years Of Happiness

    A Lifetime of bringing Other People’s Dream to Life
    it’s why so many choose to wear a Pure Envy Designer piece. Unique, Bold and Exceptional.

Stunning Designs Exclusive to Pure Envy

 Whilst everyone else may have something off the shelf, your special piece has been makde especially for you. It’s what we do and why so many Love what we create for them…      Isn’t it about time you shared in the same experience…

Wedding couple with wedding rings by

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