SCAMS : Don’t get Ripped Off!

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  • 8 Scams to Avoid


    Deception Rings

    Thin, Weak and Hollow.

    1. No Strength

    2. Diamonds Fall Out

    3. Expensive or Impossible to Repair

    Example: Shows how thin rings bend easily & the Diamonds can fall out.

    Crushed rings Poor Quality


    Man Made Diamonds

    Made in a factory by machines.

    Sometimes disguised and sold as Natural Diamonds.

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    Poor workmanship.

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    Low Grade Diamonds.

    Internally Dirty and not much ‘sparkle’ in natural daylight.

    Often found ‘On SALE’.
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    Warning : They only look good with special lighting.



    Grade Bumping

    Confusing descriptions to make ‘Low Grade Diamonds’ look and sound better than they Really ARE..

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    Warning:  ‘HIDDEN’  Fractures chip easily.


    Fractured Diamonds

    Weak spots inside a Diamond that cause them to Cleave, Crack  or Chip easily. (Cleave = to split apart) (Crack = to fracture inside) & (Chip = edges break away)

    Example Shows a collection of broken, chipped and fractured Diamonds.

    Each one of these ‘Cheap’ Diamonds had to be replaced at the customer’s expense.

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    Diamonds with the same WEIGHT can still have different SIZES…

    Example : Both may be a 1.00 carat Diamond,  but the Diameter of the second one is much smaller.


    Warning : They appear smaller from the top, don’t sparkle as well and is the number ONE reason why different jewellers can sell what ‘SOUNDS’ like the ‘SAME’ Diamond for ‘DIFFERENT’ prices.



    ‘Special Price’ or ‘Discounted Rings’

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     This is where MOST people get tricked into buying LOW Quality.

    Warning : Avoid buying on ‘PRICE ALONE’ as they often come with un-welcome surprises.

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