Why Pure Envy?

Pure Envy is Different.

We’re about Quality and Fine Design.

Here’s a comparison between our Diamonds and others.

Low Grade Diamonds have less reflection, less refraction, less dispersion of light and less sparkle…

This cloudy effect is why they don’t look as good and why prices are cheaper .

Compare the pair.

Pure-Envy -diamond-compared-to-cheap-low-grade-diamond

 Particles and Inclusions can visibly detract and de-value a Diamond,

Knowing what to look for is the key, and it’s how Pure Envy selects beautiful diamonds.

The 4C’s is only Part of the equasion… and it’s why so many trust us to get it right.

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Our Diamonds are the reason why so many choose Pure Envy Quality.

Some examples of Our Diamonds, Designs & Workmanship…


  • It’s all about You!

There’s Something Special knowing that the piece you own from Pure Envy is Unique.
Not all diamonds equal and not all rings are made to the same standards. At Pure Envy our Diamonds are Independantly certified and graded.
Our designs are created by the very Manufacturing Jewellers who are available to talk with you personally.
The way you want and – Custom – Made to suite your price range – and Your Style…

Like You, There’s only ONE Pure Envy!

  • We know people are all different, and it’s why we design our ideas around individual personalities.
    It’s why we developed a range of Designs that bridge the gap…

    ..between the Ordinary and the Exciting.

    Now you can have something truly Unique that you can call your Own.

    After – all … This is Your Story!