It All Begins With One Perfect Ring

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It All Begins With One Perfect Ring


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From the moment we begin creating your ring with a bar of gold, right down to the Diamond setting and the final polish, every step is done by our team in our on-site workshop.

Start to finish, in-house. By us.

Quality and attention to detail are crucial.

It's what sets two rings that may seem the same apart.

It's also the difference in a ring that will last for years to come, and one that will leave you with a headache in twelve months time.

If the foundation isn't right, eventually the rest will crumble.

Anyone can do a job, or make a ring...

But are you going to need to call someone else soon after to do it all again?

We pride ourselves on the fact that there is no middle man.

Nothing is lost in translation.

Your ring isn't sent on a journey around Australia (or the world) and worked on by everyone else but the people at the place you think you bought it from.

There's no ten week waiting period, because we do it all right here.

We're a small team, Award-Winning Jewellers, and a local SA family business.

But, beyond the Quality our biggest focus is you.

Our clients aren't just a number to us.

We recognise their voice on the phone six months later.

They often bring their new fiance in to meet us after they've proposed because they want to see where their ring was made and meet the people they've heard so much about.

Their time with us is a story.

The effort they made. The time and care they spent making sure that their ring was different.

It becomes something they're proud to wear and the significance of it being created just for them is beyond simply buying something off the shelf.

We get to know you. When you're a client of ours, you're a client for life.

Old fashioned customer service doesn't exist everywhere, but it does here.

Because the product Quality matters, but what happens after does too.

Our appointment only studio gives us the space to do all the above, and more.

There's no unnecessary fluff, just real people sitting down with you to get it right.

You don't have to worry about bumping into people you know in a busy store front.

There's not a sales assistant that doesn't know what they're selling, or isn't confident in the product they provide.

We're real people, and we'll speak to you like one too.

Your ring, created for you.

Made to suit your price range and what you love.

Stress and hassle free.

Just the way we believe it should be.


The heart and soul of what we do, hear how some of our clients have found their Pure Envy Experience.

3 stone engagement rings



Easily one of the most common questions people have about creating a custom made engagement ring. The standard answer to this question is approximately 2-3 weeks. But, we aim to please and because of this we have had some rings in our clients hot little hands in as little as 24 hours – 7 days.

While we do suggest being a little organised to make the process as stress-free and easy for you as possible, don’t rule anything out until you’ve spoken with us. With the workshop on site we can hurry things along a bit if we need to!


We know that when you’re navigating something new it helps to get a bit of a sense of what’s the ‘norm’.

We can make our Engagement Rings from around the $3500-4000 mark right up to $200,000+. But, we find our clients generally tend to fall into one of three price different brackets.

The first is around $4-6k, the middle in the $6500-8k bracket and the upper around $8500-12k mark.

It is of course dependent on each person and there’s no one size fits all. This is why we create your ring to suit your price range! Then you can spend what’s comfortable for you and have a ring you love, all tailored to suit.


First off, our team will start by getting to know a little bit about you and what you’re after. Who you are is just as important to us. We’re creating a ring that will symbolise your Engagement after all.

You might have no idea where to start, or have an exact picture of what they love. It doesn’t matter where you’re at – we’ll help guide you. Our clients tell us all the time how nervous they are to start. But, then they’re surprised by how Easy it all is and how much they enjoy the process. 

Initially we are aiming to get a feel for how we can best tailor your appointment time to you. There’s not a pre set agenda. Everything we do it’s all based around it being the right fit for you.

We’ll walk you through different design options and play with some different rings so that you can physically touch and feel what might suit you. When it comes to different information and understanding things – like Diamonds and pros and cons about different designs, we’ll make it easy. We can give you as much or as little info as you’d like. Again, it’s about your time with us being suited to you.

Appointments generally go for around 30 minutes, but by no means do we rush you out the door when 30 minutes is up. It’s relaxed and at your pace. That means some people are ready to go in 20 minutes and others sit with us for closer to 45.


Absolutely! We have a wide range of styles here that you can look at in your appointment with us. All of these are made to the same high quality standard as your ring will be, but we then make your ring just for you. We much prefer making a ring that suits everything you love and has been created just for you. There’s just something special about it having your name on it from the very beginning.


Once you’re comfortable and ready to go, we take roughly a 50% deposit to get things started. This means we can secure your Diamond (or gemstone) and our team can start weaving their magic. Once your ring is finished (normally 2-3 weeks later) we organise a time for you to come back and see the finished result. This is when you pay the balance.


Having a look around our website (as you are now!) is a great place to start. It will give you a bit of a feel for who we are and what we’re about. If you’re looking for another step before you make contact with us, then we’d recommend reading some online reviews as this will give you a direct insight into our clients experience first hand.

If you want to chat more, just get in touch with us! We’re here to help and you’ll get a real human on the end of the line.

When you’re ready, book an appointment online! This is how you can secure a time with us in our Studio and we can help you face-to-face. If you’d like to have a chat before you do so you can also schedule a call or send us an email.


Generally, YES!
Any diamonds we use over 0.50ct are ALWAYS certified. Under the 0.50ct mark if it’s a centre stone and important to you that it’s certified we will source one that is!

It’s good to note smaller diamonds (like those used in Wedding bands) are never certified. The certification process is usually over $150 per stone so it would get pretty pricey (and a little unnecessary and unheard of) if we were certifying all these little guys.

A diamond certification basically means an INDEPENDENT (this is important!) Diamond laboratory has looked at your diamond and determined which gradings they would give it. This means you have a certificate which tells you what someone, independent of us, thinks of your stone. It’s a great way to get total peace of mind that you’re buying what we say it is, and that it’s a quality product! Buying a ring without a certification from a reputable and independent diamond grading laboratory can be risky business.


When people hear the term ‘Custom Made’ they’re often confused about what this actually means!

It can sound expensive, overwhelming and like the design needs to be fancy or completely different for this to be an option. None of the above is true! Not the way we do things anyway!

For us ‘Custom Made’ means that from the moment we began creating your ring it’s had your name on it. From the moment we choose the design together and begin rolling out your gold, right down to the first time you open that little white box – it has been yours from the very beginning.

When comparing this with a similar Quality of product this is absolutely not more expensive! In fact making a ring for you has never been more expensive than one we’ve finished and have on display. They’re all made the same way with the same level of care.

The difference is that Custom Making your ring for You is our preferred way of doing things. Everything about it suits you, your style and your price range.

The sentimentality behind the pieces we create is not something we take lightly – there’s just something special about knowing it’s been yours from the very beginning.


This is a big one. Just as you service your car regularly, your jewellery does need some TLC from time to time. Not only will this keep it looking in tip top condition, it will also minimise any repair costs you may incur down the track. Because it also means we can keep an eye on any wear and tear.

For all our rings we recommend bringing them in for a regular check-up every 12 months. It’s important to do so as you will bump, knock and scratch your jewellery through everyday wear. Our full check up and service will set you back a small fee, and your jewellery will be returned to you generally within 24 hours looking good as new.