Elephant Ring

Every now and then we are asked to create something out of the ordinary.

It’s what we do after all. This time our customer spent approximately 6 months in discussion with us as his partner was adamant that an Elephant ring was the only style she wanted.

Our brief: 18 carat yellow gold.

Male elephant.

Diamond centre.

The design itself was up to us… as long as it was solid gold, well made, beautiful diamond and a one of a kind.

So many hours later, tedious sketches and hand carved concepts amassed and the design was finalised.

The final result was an amazing yellow gold elephant which is ceetainly a one of a kind and the half carat diamond was held inbetween it’s tusks and trunk.

Whilst it may not be the style for everyone reading this blog, the client was extrememly happy and the ressounding success led to their happy engagement and another happy ever after story we are proud to have been part of.



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